I’ve been studying and learning for about a year... now what?

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I’ve made some major mistakes in the short time I’ve been studying real estate investing. The biggest (so far) was putting my money into a “training program” from a guru - who will remain unnamed. Now I’m left restructuring my credit card debt and rebuilding my credit. I’m not stopping, I’m not backing down. I’m looking for private lenders who would be willing to work with me in proving 100% financing. My first go is buy and live in a house to house-hack. I have a good salary , have gathered some savings and currently pay a significant amount of money in rent every month. If there is anyone out there who can help me figure out how to or can provide 100% please let me know.

@Johan Zafra

Keep pushing brother! I bought a property to that has two homes on the property. I was trying to rent out the main one while my wife and I lived in the back unit (house havk), but instead we’ve decided to AIRBNB the main house.

First month in we’ve covered our mortgage, utilities, and then some.

Airbnb is a definitive option out there dude. It’s kinda crazy!

I say all this so that you know that you gotta maneuver and remain agile. It’ll come but keep pushing hard