Wanting to educate myself

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I am just starting out and all I really know is I really want to invest in real estate. I have read the UBG but still do not know how to go about buying my first house. If someone can please point me in the direction of a book or something I can use to educate myself so I can get my business started it would be greatly appreciated. Or if any tips on what to do, I don’t have a down payment money option to start as of right now.

@Mason Hall   Hi.  I would highly recommend finding your local landlord or real estate associations and attend some of their meetings and network.  Share your enthusiasm to learn and I am sure people will be happy to help.  Also maybe you will find someone that you will be able to help and in turn learn from.

Be wary of the webinar, seminar, podcast, YouTube, real estate club merry-go-round.  This usually results in paralysis of analysis.  Every time I read someone post about all the hundreds of podcasts they've watched, and all the studying they've been doing for the past six months, I'm pretty sure they'll still be standing in the same place six months forward.  Book smarts make interesting dinner conversation.  Street smarts make money.
Pare your options down to your reality.  Like most new investors you are starting on a shoestring budget.  That's the very reason you want to become a real estate investor, to better your financial picture.  For starting with minimal cash you should look at wholesaling or lease options. Done correctly, neither strategy requires large sums of cash nor puts the investor at risk.