Rent to Own Contracts.....Can they actually turn to sales?

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Hi I'm an investor with Bridgehouse in Ladera Ranch what's the good word out there on Rent to Own contracts?  I was thinking keep the option fees low and really scrub the applications to make sure the people can actually by the house down the road?  What experience do you guys have with rent to own contracts? 

With my Owner Finance deals I'm looking at getting 10%, but do remember they are going to need pay for 

Closing cost: Contact your title company / lawyer 

Loan Checking company  = RMLO = Residential Mortgage Loan Originators: One time fee $500-800

Mortgage Servicing Fee = $35-50 a month 

At Bridgehouse Investors we are wanting to buy options on homes and the offer them rent to own to actual buyers that need help getting their mortgages approved.  10% might be too steep on the front end.....