Good afternoon. My name is Jeremy Williams. My family and I are from the Eastern shore of MD. In Feb. After experiencing some hardship I started work in New Holland, PA at CNHi. We lived in a Travelodge in Strasburg until the mandatory summer shut down CNHi has each summer. Because I was still technically a temp, we went this time plus two weeks with no pay. We had to come back to MD and stay in Denton with a relative where we have been since July. I've been traveling 200 miles round trip 5-6 days a week 8-10 hrs of work each day, while my wife helps out her aunt and uncle who are in need. As you may imagine this has been stressful to say the least. However, as of Sept 3 I am a full time hourly employee at 25$ an hr with plenty of overtime work. But this meant 3 more weeks without pay. Now I getting checks, so the money is there. We are looking to find a permanent place within the next 3 weeks. In all honesty we didn't leave our previous residence on great terms because I had been out of work 3 months thru the holidays. We also don't have the greatest credit. Wife and I are both around 550. However I've experienced hardship. I literally now know what it means to feel like you've hit bottom with no roof over your head. We want to prove to the person who is willing to give us that second chance , that they can feel confident they have looked out for the most greatful responsible people and may expect it to be returned in kind.