Wholesaling lease options

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Originally posted by @Charles Phelps :

Hi y’all I was wondering could someone wholesale lease options through a real estate agent? Or do you have to work with a seller directly?

 No real estate agent in their right mind would represent you on wholesaling a lease option. How would they get paid?

Definitely not.  Deal direct with the homeowners.  It's easier, less cumbersome, and more profitable.  In 25 years I have worked hundreds of lease option assignments and can count on 3 fingers the number of times I used an agent.  Not against them, mind you, but there isn't a need.

I could only see it working for a wholesale if the agent is fine with walking away with some of your assignment fee (bury as much of it as you can into your TB assignment fee). Or if they will wait for your assigned TB to exercise option and then seller pays out agent (risky). Or if agent will take a bit of the rent spread from seller. Either way the contract the agent has with the seller will need to be looked at and overrided. If it is an old listing then contact owner directly and see if they are willing to wait out contract and then do business with you.