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Two VA loans, Sell or Refi?
I have two properties, both on a VA loan...One property is a rental, the other I live in.I'm set to move again, and was told I won't be able to use another VA, so I need to free up a VA loan. Do I sell the house and... View more
Will I be able to change this to my favor?
Hey everyone, I'm about to close on a townhouse using the VA loan. I bought it for 260k and I'm financing half the closing fees. I am hoping to use my first home as a rental when I eventually move in 3-5 years. I used... View more
Investing In High Cost Cities
Hello everyone! I am active duty military and I plan on beginning my investing career by house hacking at my next duty station. I have not chosen my orders yet and I have about a year left here at my current. I plan on... View more
Investing in San Antonio Area with VA Home Loan
I am currently an Active Duty Air Force member. I am interested in getting into real estate investing while remaining active duty. I will be moving to the San Antonio area around June. I would highly appreciate if... View more
VA Rehab/ Renovation Loan Questions
Thanks in advance for any advice/ recommendations that anyone can give me! 1. On VA Rehab/Renovation loans, do they allow for adding ceilings and drywall to basements (no additional rooms in basement, just adding... View more
Use a 1031 and sell out of my VA loan, or just refinance & hold??
I purchased my house in Colorado Springs with the VA Loan back in 2013 for $236,114, 3.75%. Lived in it for roughly two years, before I PCS'd. It has been rented out since I left, but never cash flowed. Rent has... View more
Starting out: Navy Nuke
Hello BP community 👋,I'm heading up to Norfolk Virginia sometime in February to report to my new command. I plan on star renlisting as soon as I arrive so I can place myself in a position to buy a house big enough to... View more
Stipulations on reusing the VA Loan?
Hello all,I’m writing this post to create discussion as well as potentially network with some savvy lenders and/or other investors in my area! So, I am currently stationed at Fort Campbell, KY and am looking into the... View more
Good time to VA IRRRL?
I currently have a VA loan on my SFR househack for 3.625%. I'm seeing USAA and Navy Fed offering around 3.5%. Are there lower rates out there? I won't be paying any funding/origination fee due to disability so... View more
Active Duty Military & Part-time real estate agent?
Hey guys, very curious to see if there are any active duty guys/girls that also work as a part time real estate agent ? I'm located in Westerly, RI. I'm currently just beginning my shore command but have been stationed... View more
VA loan, 4-plex help finding a knowledgeable lender.
Hello everyone,We are trying to connect with a few great VA lenders. We are looking to move on a multifamily property in the Florida panhandle and need to get the ball rolling. Any recommendations for a VA smart... View more
First Purchase at 20 years old!!
After coming back from deployment near the end of 2019, I was so anxious to get into real estate and start my journey to becoming finically free. After watching countless real estate youtube videos ,podcast, reading... View more
Maps with zip codes
Hello BiggerPocket, I wanted to see if anyone could help before I go down the google rabbit hole! I'm looking to find a map I can tailor for the current market I'm investing in. I am looking at four counties to target... View more
Seeking a CPA in the Huntsville, AL area.
Hello BP Family, I am looking to find a tax professional that can grow with my family and interests in the Madison-Huntsville area? If you know anyone that focuses on real estate investing (preferred they invest too)... View more
Applied for a HELOC with Navy Fed Credit Union almost 6 weeks ago and it's still not finalized. Every document they've asked for was sent to them within 5 hrs. Has anyone experienced this with Navy Fed? I'm thinking... View more
Meet up Near Fort Hood TX Area
Are there any planned Real Estate Meet Ups, in the Fort Hood, TX area? Either Killeen, Copperas Cove, Harker Heights, Belton, or Temple?
Getting new orders in a little over a year
Hello! I am in the navy and have about a year and 4 months till I am to rotate to a new set of orders. My lease for my apartment is up in 5 months and I’m wondering if it would be smart to buy a house (with intentions... View more
Osan Air Base Meetup
Hey BP!Are there any members in the Osan AB/Camp Humphrey's area willing to meet up? Let me know if there is interest and I will organize a local event for us. Cheers from Osan!-Greg
Investing while in the Military
Hi! Brand new here and taking the first step in making my real estate investing goals a reality while on active duty. I started out reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, Cashflow Quadrant, the book on rental property investing,... View more
VA Construction Loan?
Hi, so my wife and I are interested in this type of loan route. We are planning to start using the VA benefits, and are looking for a little more advice on this VA construction loan. Any advice on these subjects would... View more
Remember Everyone Deployed
Happy holidays to all of the military investors that are currently deployed and stationed away from their families during this season. I am truly grateful for everything you are doing for our country! Thank you. 
JTR Changes - Short Term Rentals allowed for TAD?
Military Investors - Is this true? Is someone tracking this more than I am and actually know the rules? I saw a separate post on a military social forum that said the JTR has been updated to allow for full... View more
Separating from Military
Happy Holidays everyone! Just wanted to see if anyone has/had experience or good advice separating from active duty military (5 years in) and getting into REI full-time. I'm currently overseas at the moment with 1 1/2... View more