Local Contractor & Vendor list - Asheville / Hendersonville

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Thanks for posting this Robert!  I've had good results with Tom Mulloy for surveying, and with Alexandra Schrank at Re-max for listing and selling flip projects. I have a few other good ones I use, but I'm going to wait until this thread fleshes out a bit before putting more on the table. The crux is finding someone good, affordable and not backed up for many weeks. Very hard combo. 

Mark Miller is kickass for tile. Prices are retail/low side of retail, but he's fast, good, solid AF to work with. Dumbass BP rules won't let me post his contact tho

I don't know any roofers, we do that ourselves

Had a good experience with Charlotte Vann for cleaning a project pre-MLS- also blocked by BP rules.

Should we set this thread up on CREIA instead so we can share info?

Good luck!

I'll post more here as we go along, but I'm not going to be the only one sharing these contacts. 

I hate to be the new guy with nothing to contribute but only to ask....Working on another couple of deals and was wondering if anybody loved their real estate lawyer? Specifically, LLC's and landlord tenants issues.

I'm new to BP but not real estate so I'm unsure how to share any specific contact info!

 Thanks in advance! 

Welcome @Bryce Alabaster . This year I've switched all of my client referrals to Lancaster Law Firm in Asheville. Message me (or google it) for their contact info. The forum won't let me post that info here. They're very helpful and have impressed me with being better with communication, timeliness, and willingness to put some work into the "rocky" deals. I won't get anything from it, but tell them I sent you along.

I'm sure others will chime in with some good recommendations as well- I think there's another thread on this very topic somewhere in here. I may have even started that it.

Painters- anyone have great experiences with anyone? I have a small job coming up that I'd like to "try out" a new painter with and a larger project in a few months if they're a good fit.

I will add to the conversation that my experience with roofers has been that there are basically 3 reliable operations in town. Balken roofing, DLV roofing, and McClung roofing. None of them are cheap by any means but when I needed a roof on my duplex they were the only 3 that showed up and actually gave me bids. I probably called about 10 and maybe 6 actually came out AND gave me a bid. After talking to McClung and explaining my needs the price was lowered somewhat and some compromises were made. This house had 3 separate roofs and was simply too tall and too steep for me to do on my own. I would recommend Mc Clung all day long from my experience and I use him on any jobs I am on when a roof or repair is needed that I can't fix on my own. 

For plumbing I have used TP Howard and also Dwayne Cassada at Cyclone plumbing. Both are prompt and reliable. Neither are cheap. 

Painters are hard to come by for sure. @Robert Ombres , if you want I can pass on some info from my neighbors who recently had their house painted but I have never used them and really don't know much else about them. We tried Bionic Painting in the past but simply could never get them to show up or return phone calls so I assume he is just slammed busy. The guy that did my sheetrock work last year is also a painter so I can pass on his number to you also. 

I feel like I should add one more thing about the roofer. They are only as good as their warranty. I don't mind paying for piece of mind. I was remodeling an attached garage turning it into a finished bedroom for the homeowner and their 8 yr old roof had a leak that stopped the project in it's tracks. I couldn't finish the work underneath it until the roof was fixed. Well the original roofer sent out a helper who just kept plugging the hole (I think he came out 3 times) and it kept on leaking because it was a low pitch roof that needed a membrane and not shingles. In the end, the roofer did not honor the warranty and they had to get a new roof put on over that room. 8 years is not very long for a roof. I recommended Mc Clung and they were there within a week fixing the problem. 

Hello! I have a house I have under contract that has quite a few weird electrical issues that need to be fixed. The electrician installed several outlets and switches with reversed polarities and used an incorrect gauge wire in the breaker box. 
I'm curious if anyone can recommend a good electrician that will work in Candler?