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Do I need an LLC to invest in real estate?
One of the most frequently asked questions is Do I need an LLC to invest in real estate? Other variations of this theme include Should I get an LLC?, Should I put my properties into an LLC? and What protections does an... View more
Property management software
There is so many property management software out there for rental properties all offering nothingbut big promises most I find, just fail to deliver, has anyone came across any great product lately?
How to Edit an Event?
Hello BP, Hi I setup a BP meetup but accidentally put the wrong address. I see how I can edit the time of the event but can't figure out how to adjust the location. Has anyone encountered this before and know how I can... View more
How the rental calculator is working
I just fill out a rental property calculator in bigger pockets and is seem that something is wrong because they cap rate is not the cap rate that should be, the cash flow number does not match up, its a wrong... View more
Should I sell my SFH to start Real Estate Investing?
Hello All,Currently, me and my wife live in Smyrna, GA and we want to dive into the world of real estate investing.  I recently read Scott Trench's book "Set for Life: Dominate Life, Money, and the American Dream"... View more
Loan to Value on mixed use property
Im looking to get into commercial real estate I'm looking at a mixed use property, what is the loan to value that I should expect the bank to give me.