Raw Sewage treatment

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Am currently rehabbing a house and can hear the water gushing under the house (Crawl Space) when toilet is flushed. I'll be cutting into the floor and fear that there may be raw sewage under the house (the leak wasn't the first hint!). I've heard of and actually used a product on this in the past but too long ago to remember what it was (Maybe Lime). anyway, if any of you all know of what I can spread over this stuff it would be greatly appreciated.



I am not sure what you are trying to accomplish. Yes, when I was a kid would put lime in the outhouse. Are you just trying to clean it up before you have to jump down in there and fix your problem?


All I want to do is get rid of the smell and make it safe to go down
and work in (Aw..what we do to make a couple bucks! :goofy: )
Thanks for your help.

How about a good hot shower afterwords? I'd be leerey of dumping a bunch of chemicals in, and then crawling into those chemicals. You wouldn't be the first person to crawl around in a nasty crawlspace to fix piping. I'm sure about that, because I've already done it.


Jumping into a pile of lime would not be a good idea. Lime is one of those natural minerals that will help decompose flesh. Enough lime on your skin and it will burn badly. As much as I hate to say it, the shower after idea is probably the best, well, hiring someone else to do it sounds better to me :D

This sounds like a job for an emergency sewage/mold removal specialist try floodsquad,com this problem wont get any better pouring chemicals to kill the smell will only make it harder to fix later. Chances are if someone is buying this rehab there inspector will find this, most people will insist this be fixed before they'll buy it and getting someone to fix a now chemical and sewage disaster it will cost double plus you may do finish work over the access point for the plumbing and that will have to be re fixed on top of a mess in your finished house. If your going to rent it even worse you renter will not be happy living above what seems like a toxic chemical dump. they ll call the health department and boy your troubles are just starting now you don't want them finding a hazardous wasteland under the house get in there now while its easy to access plus it will just build up and you ll have rats the size of small dogs under your house and it can cause foundation problems. your better of not selling this problem to someone else you may end up in court if they see chemicals they ll know you knew about it sometimes(most times) there is no shortcut you ll have to rework your budget to accept this. Ive fixed plumbing problems in my rental units from main drain clog, froze/busted pipes to broken mains inside and out root infiltration you name it. call roto rooter get a sewer camera inspection and find out whats wrong it may be a busted elbow this may be cheap to fix now if you have crushed main's some plumbing contractors offer a pipe bursting or pipe relining service and its done with hydraulics they don't even have to dig your soil up they inject a liner in your pipe with pressure guarantee 50 years also try rotorooter,com

p.s i had this same exact problem sewage coming out under kitchen i ripped up the floor dug around the pipe then called my plumber to fix it cost me less than a thousand bucks

I wouldn't jump into it. I have a neighbor that decided to walk through his flooded basement of raw sewage and he is still fighting a staff infection in his privates years later. You never know what kind of nasty's are just waiting to creep into your body through whatever orifice they can find.

good point tc i forgot to mention before i went down i was suited and booted with protective gear. The house i had this prob at was empty for more than a year and there was only water i flushed down that came out.
there may several diseases in that sewage from nasty skin rashes to serious sickness

If you're talking about alot of liquid sewage, call a septic company to come pump it out. It won't cost much and will let you tred on solid ground.

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