Bat Proofing

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Anyone have any experience with doing this? We had a tenant that had a bat in her apartment so we got a bat guy out there to check it out. He quoted us about 5 grand to bat proof the building and that comes with a 1 year guarantee. It seemed really expensive to me, but I don't have any experience with dealing with bats.

S T O P . Get three estimates. BAT PROOFING? Did you get the "rabies" scare! Yes you should fix the problem but there might be laws/regulations you have to follow. That said there are organizations that love to help those like you. Before spending that kind of money ( BTW I need a vacation) if you are willing to put me up for a short period of time maybe I might come out and show you how to correct it. (NOT KIDDING BY THE WAY). Was there droppings found. Did a wawward bat get in. Bats roosting in the soffit/ fascia's, a gable vent. BATS are good for the environment they get rid of mosquitos. Oh and lastly make sure you stay away from the franchise wildlife guys (after all they have to charge to cover there royalties) Send me pics of home and I can offer suggestions only.. based upon my opinions. As I am not an expert at anything and I like it that way!

We are getting another company to come out and give us a bid.

Yes, there was a bat in an apartment and the tenant was pretty freaked out.

I know, in general, that bats are good, but not inside the building.

Here's a picture of the overall building and a close up of the soffitt where they are likely getting in.

The guy that came out said that they are going in and out at the gap with the brown discoloration. Their bodies rubbing as the go in and out discolors the soffitt.

BATMAN! nanananananna BATMAN! This one you could handle yourself. The exclusion work is fairly easy. "Eviction" takes longer and can be more involved depending on the size of the roost. Do your own research. I found quite a bit of good information on line (see the following link). Did the first company take photos of what is inside your attic space and show you? May be very little to worry about. Maybe guano cleanup and some structural repair. Offer the critters other lodging in a bat house.


Interesting link, thanks for sharing @Marcia Maynard also, thanks for the batman jokes....should have known those would be coming :-)

One word of caution. In all seriousness there are health concerns that are associated with bats and their droppings. You might want to hire a pro but get estimates after becoming educated. A good tenant ESQ. could cause you more headaches than it is worth. Not going to go into details but I was privy to seeing 8 unit bldg. at a large apartment complex have to relocate 8 tenants to include them paying inconvenience restitution for not hiring a pro for a known environmental issue they new nothing about or how to handle it. Just my opinion

Yep. That's right, you may need to hire a pro depending on the extent of the problem and your inclination for doing this type of work. It is after all a pest control issue.

Worked with a professional once on a bats in cabin issue. He closed off all the holes and ways in for them except one, that one he took a stiff fiberglass netting and created a downward tunnel from the hole, this allows bats still inside to fly to the hole then fall down the tunnel and out, others could not re enter.

We have a pro coming out tomorrow to seal everything and install the one way door that lets them get out but not back in. Expensive, but then the problem will be taken care of correctly. I'm generally a fan of doing things right the first time.

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