Home depot Granite counters

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Anybody have any other suggestions on Granite counter tops other than Home depot? I mean I like home depot but im just trying to get a few comparisons before I just go with HD. Plz comment if your in Utah if you have a preferred whole-seller.

I'm pretty sure you can get about any granite installer to beat Home Depot's bid. Most recently I have used Black Granite and they did a great job for about the lowest price I could find. I'd call around to get quite a few quotes based on price per square foot.

Call around your local fabricators. Home Depot subs that all out and just tacks on a big cut for themselves.

What price are you being quoted from HD?

Are you talking custom slab or the "in the box granite"?

You should not pay more that $40 sq. ft. here in Utah... installed and cut. I pay $34-$37 sq. ft. in Southern Utah.

If you are doing less than a slab, go for remnant and you should save $10 a sq. ft.

Bottom line... get other bids!

As others said...find local guys who can give you bids. Depending on size remnant is the best way to go if not dont be afraid to negotiate. I went all over looking for granite quotes and finally i had some good quotes ( around $40) I went back to my guy and said can you do it for this price and i need you to give me the next level above (as i was getting quotes for the A grade (low grade) and he did it. I am sure they still made some money just less but i have given him more business so it works out.

Not only that but i had on my first rehab i used depot for cabinets. I decided to price them out again their as i could not get good quotes from my cabinet guys locally. Eventually i worked out a great deal so i went back to depot and they knocked the price down... Then i told them i was getting a better grade and the upgraded me as well. i still went with my local guy as i rather he gets my money but just shows there is room.

HD Counter-top estimator calculator is $2836. Thats black granite installed, under mount sink, edged, and Faucet cutout, and a 5'X3' Island top.

I've only been able to get a hold of 2 other company's for bids and have been quoted $2600 to $2700. Now these a close but rough estimates.

The granite Im using is roughly $56 sq'.

@Sergio Briones

HD and Lowe's have some specials and some ability to match pricing. When I am doing a big, long project I like using their no-interest for 6 months credit. It's important to note however that with one more layer between you and the subcontractor, your install will likely take a week longer than using a local guy.

Both you and @Greg Wilson mentioned black granite and I think Greg was referring to the company named "Black Granite" in Salt Lake. "Steve" is my contact there and they are very good and affordable. I have used them several times.

It's also important to note that not all installers measure the same. Some insist that they charge only $25 - $30 per sq. ft. but they use the thinner 2cm product and they include the whole slab, even the waste. HD and Lowe's only charge for the actual sq. ft. measurements of your countertop and their pricing usually includes the pre-sealed 3cm thickness and the 4" backsplash.

Have fun on your project and post some pictures when you are done!

Are you guys putting in 2cm or is 3cm a must?

Google "granite countertops"....

Yes, I was referring to the company Black Granite. Just got mine done a week ago at $35/sqft I believe. If you look them up and give them the measurements they will give you a quote on the phone. A lot of installers will do this. If you look around to other installers they seem to have different granite featured as their lowest grade.

Originally posted by @Andrew Briones :
Are you guys putting in 2cm or is 3cm a must?

For kitchens use 3, for baths use 2.

This may be a shot in the dark but I always remember when I was driving from Orem up to the valley, a place off to the side of the freeway that sold all kinds of granite. I'm sure you (residing in that area) will know what place I'm talking about. I bet that would be a good place to get a second bid.

Originally posted by Account Closed:
Google "granite countertops"....


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