Tadpoles, thousands of tadpoles!

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Acquired a property with a swimming pool that is infested with tadpoles.

Pool is 25000 gallon in capacity, about 5' deep on one side and 9' deep on the other.  It has lots of tadpoles.  I couldn't find daddy and mommy frogs.

It's more a swamp then a pool at this point.

I think I need to drain the pool and acid wash it right?

Is there a humane way to do this?

Humane?  Are you serious?  They're tadpoles.  Drain the dang pool and prevent West Nile by getting rid of the mosquito larve!

I believe bass eat tadpoles . . .

or you could bring in some 10 year-olds with nets.

@Sam Leon  

Don't drain it, as You probably know!  For others, the water table in Miami is about 3' below ground, if you drain the pool, it will float, and pop out of the ground.  Am selling one now like that.  But Sam, nope no humane way.  Get the chemicals in and balanced, clean the tad poles out of the pool pump screen often, and skim them. It will take some brushing, vacuuming, etc.  DIY if you like, or call the pool service guys.

Float & pop out?  Really?  Kinda like the coffins in New Orleans.  Although, I'd rather see a pool floating down the street than a coffin!

@Sam Leon 

@Wayne Brooks is correct don't drain the pool!!!

quickest cheapest way is to buy a few pool shocks and chlorine at home depot and let to pool run for about 24-48 hours.  Clean the filter often and then take water sample to your local pool supply store so they can tell you whats needed to balance the water.

LOL :-D ... @Sylvia B.  "I believe bass eat tadpoles ... "  I'm sure that is the coolest statement I'll read on BP tonight!  Thanks!

I missed out on a property with a pool kind of like this last year.  Like so often here in my market, I was outbid.  The tadpoles were in their last stage of amphibious life (<-- probably not the correct scientific term?).  They had legs as long as their tails.  I'm sure if I would have taken one out of the water he would have jumped back in!

Hope this one clears up nicely before winter gets here and is the selling feature that seals your deal @Sam Leon  !

How about just letting them become frogs and move on?

@Wayne Brooks , yes I am not going to drain it now due to the high water table.  Was thinking to take care of the tadpoles now, but wait till December/January the dry season may be I can risk leaving it empty for a few days for an acid wash.  Not sure, always a risk that it may pop out.  It's so disgusting I can't imagine even if shocking and rebalancing the pH.

I've had worse. It will involve a couple of brushing s/vacuumings, after the right chemicals and it will be good.  Even in the drug season the water is too high.  But, there should be a "well point" pipe connection somewhere near your pump.  It's a single pipe, connected to a slotted PBC pipe in the bedding stone under the pool.  You hook another pump to that, to dewater the immediate area around the pool for a couple of days, to avoid the "pop" when/if you have to drain.  Shouldn't be necessary to drain though.

Originally posted by @Sylvia B.:

I believe bass eat tadpoles . . .

or you could bring in some 10 year-olds with nets.


Originally posted by @Wayne Brooks:

  Even in the drug season the water is too high.  

Beautiful time of the year, drug season.

"Dry season", and I swear I don't participate in that other season, really.

Originally posted by @Hattie Dizmond:

Humane?  Are you serious?  They're tadpoles.  Drain the dang pool and prevent West Nile by getting rid of the mosquito larve!

 Actually, those tadpoles already are taking care of the mosquito larva... 

Put up a craigslist ad letting people know you have thousands of tadpoles you want removed and they can come get'em free. You never know the crazy things people are into, there could be a guy sitting somewhere right now planning a frog utopia or bait shop or something lol. But seriously doesn't hurt to try. 

Can you get a 'wildlife'/'natural habitat' tax break for leaving them and putting some plants and Alligators in there?  

Call the pool guy!

Reminds me of a similar experience...pool has been closed for 3 years with a destroyed cover, about 2 foot deep swamp water, totally saturated with tad poles.  I hook up my buddy's massive sump pump running 2" PVC from the deep end and out of the pool, blowing black tadpole water like a fire hydrant.  All is well, except for the fact that my PVC pipes were all just push fit together...they blow apart and I get a few gallons of tadpole water in the face!  Classic.  

When I purchased our home it had been abandoned for quite a while.  Our pool made that one look pristine. Snakes, tadpoles, frogs, and turtles. There was so much thick algae that you couldn't see down more than a foot.

After calling a few pool companies, I decided to DIY and essentially followed the plan from @Gabriel Rebustillo. I used a pool skimmer to get most of the big stuff out. Poured in gallons of liquid chlorine. Once you do that, most of the critters will come to the surface and try to get out. Just skim them up and throw them in the yard. Then run the pool and be prepared to clean the filter A LOT. 

It took a few days, and lots of monitoring, but I cleaned it up for a fraction of the cost quoted to me. There was very minimal staining and today it looks great.

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