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In all of my rsearch I keep seeing the same phrase "You must automate as much of your business as possible. I have had great success using g Google Works. I l've gotten my website up and running, a Facebook fan page. I have utilized products from Vista print, whom I ordered Sticky Notes to place on houses I came across while driving. I have made my presence on social media known. The greatest tool I found is an app called IFTTT (you just have to see for yourself). Not to mention business cards, which I got from Printastic. I got 250 quality business cards and it only cost me shipping an handling. Most of the services I am paying for, will cost under $10 a month.  

My journey into automation has been a pretty smooth one. I will say you have to be prepared to make use of whatever system you like to keep track of a all these tools. The payoff is worth it though. I have been much more efficient at contacting leads and posting properties.

I have been able to get up and running for under $20. Less than that really, because my Google works free trial is 30 days. 

My operating cost even after my free trials end will be under $30 a month. 

So if any other newbie or veteran trying to learn how to automate inexpensively and without all the headaches , feel free to contact me. 

What is Google Works? Unless I know it by a different name, I'm not sure I've heard of it.

@Victoria Nellon I've never heard of google works either

Excuse me, Google for work. 

@Victoria Nellon What is your core business? What are you automating? How's it working for you? What about the people aspect of your business?

Victoria Nellon I have similar questions as @Marcia Maynard on this. You do not mention in your post your business structure. Since there are many different niches in the real estate industry the ambiguity of your post is requiring us to inquire for necessary background information.

Look forward to your answers!

I am focusing on wholesaling right now.
For those who are also in this filed, you know keeping track of leads is a challenge.
I used Google for Work(cheap) to: open a business email, get my domain name, and setup website. I use their host of available apps to help my business run smoothly. The cost for this is only $5 per user.
These apps are free anyway, but have been invaluable tools. Google Sheets alone has been a life saver. I have never made so many spreadsheets in my life. Google Forms has allowed me to make free surveys to get a feel for what people may what from my services.

I am able to automate for example; using the IFTTT app(free), I can send a text to a specific number and it will load a google spreadsheet with the address of the property I saw while riding around, which I can then update with other notes for the property. I also use the app to update multiple social media platforms from just one i.e Facebook will update my twitter with same post. Instagram will also update twitter.
I am using the free verison of MailChimp to organize people who sign up Buyers and Sellers. I am using the campaigns to get the homes I have control over to my cash buyers.

As far as the people aspect, I am able to contact interested buyers and sellers quicker. I can target their needs in a more standardized manner. Most importantly I am able to organize the info I get from those interactions better.

I just ordered Sticky Notes (5 pack $11.00) to place on doors of homes I come across, but I feel that as well as I being a great advertising technique, it will put me face to face with interested parties.

I hope I was able to expand upon my original post. Thank you for the comments.

@Victoria Nellon

PODIO!   Podio is the BOMB as far as automation!  PODIO is FREE.


Podio allows me to customize anything, And Set up work flows to make things happen and the lead go through a system.   A friend of mine who is really good with it has it set up so that with a click of a button Podio will create a PDF Contract ready to go.  It plays nice with many other programs through Zapier too.   

I am started with the Sean Terry app suite and started customizing from there and increasing automation.  I hear Joe McCall has a good app suite.   

It's Pretty Insane IMHO.

Can you tell I like Podio?   

@Stephen Chatto , you mentioned that you are using Podio apps by Sean Terry & Joe McCall. Are these apps that they give out or do they need to be purchased. Also, can you provide more info as to where I might be able to find these apps. I've been trying to get the hang of Podio, but, just feel like there is too much customization needed to get it setup properly, thanks.

Sean Terry gave it away to everyone in his academy.  

I think Joe McCall Sells it...   I don't know.  I used Sean Terry's Because it was free as a member.  

@Brian Woods

Even though Podio is free to sign up - there aren't any free app suites that are set up for wholesaling or real estate investing.  I made a video that shows how we set ours up for wholesaling. Hopefully, this will give you some ideas.

I love the help- I am a newbie looking to get organized. Does anybody happen to have the ability to go into my polio and upload a wholesaling app suite? I'd greatly appreciate the help- thank you!

@Stephen Chatto what changes did you add to the F2F podia suite? I'm trying to make some changes. Please feel free to message me.

@James Green - I have been messing with podio a while now.  Constantly making changes.  The BIGGEST secret to success with podio in my opinion is the use of TASKS.  Every Single Seller has a dated task associated with that seller.  A new lead comes in and a task is put into place to immediately call them.  Then there is a follow up tasks until contract or dead.   Then once the contract is received there are tasks that follow it through offer app and whiteboard app.   The tasks are VERY Automated with the use of GlobiFlow. Podio is Good.  Podio plus Globiflow is exponentially better.   

By setting up tasks in this way.   One can run the entire business by clicking on the tasks button, and starting at the top and working the list from top to bottom.  

Good Luck

how do you guys automate leads lists...if you use them

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