Pneumatic Concrete Nailer That Shoots Round Head Nails

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I've always seen wood fastened to concrete with a T-nailer, but lately I've seen furring strips and other wood fastened to concrete with round head nails. Any idea what type of nail gun these guys are using? I've had no luck searching online and Lowe's and Home Depot don't sell that sort of thing.

I have this one. Works great if you are not doing hundreds per day.

They use a nail gun powered by 22 calliber loads . They come in different styles and sizes , some you strike with a hammer , some you pull the trigger. 

Hilti is another manufacturer of powder actuated fastening systems.

It's best to consult with a distributor because there are many combinations of shot calibers and fastener sizes and types for different applications. Personally, I only use them when absolutely necessary and then definitely with serious eye and ear protection. We use Tapcon masonry screws for most wood to concrete fastening work. 



@Tony Gunter

I've seen those before, but that's not something you're gonna use to put up furring strips on an entire house, is it? Seems like a pneumatic-type gun would be faster and more efficient. I guess I'm looking for the "hundreds per day" scenario.

Like this. But the entire house.

@Matthew B. , I have a Ramset and have used it to fir out walls like you have pictured.  It's a slow process but I don't do it enough to purchase anything bigger or faster.  I've never even looked to see what's available.  The cheapest Ramset is only around $28.  I have shot into the mortar joint with my framing nailer and it worked fine.  I also put glue on my lumber before I shoot it to the wall.  Good Luck, Mike

I was just passing along the idea of what your looking for. This is the cheapest way out. Pneumatic won't get the job done I don't think. Not enough unmfff. Price goes up from here. I have seen production guns that cost over $2,200.00. All depends on your budget.

The trigger version of the Ramset is the one I've seen used most often by contractors doing large scale work.  It's more expensive than the hammer-type version but does speed up the job considerably.  

I was reading some other forums where construction guys were saying they use a regular coil nailer with hardened 1 1/4" nails running at about 125 PSI. Anything longer than 1 1/4" or so and you have to start using high pressure compressors, etc. I'm gonna see if I can get some hardened nails and give it a shot.

Thats a cinder block wall , not concrete . That makes it a bit different . I have used a regular air powered  framing gun and shot nails into cinder block . It would work on full pressure , when the compressor dropped to 70 psi it would bend the nails . Figured out every 10 shots let the compressor build back up .

@Matthew Paul

My mistake for not differentiating between concrete and cinder block. That's what I've been looking for. I wasn't sure if a regular nail gun was used or if it was something special.

I talked to a guy at the builder supply store today, and he confirmed a regular coil nailer is used with "stiff stock" 1 1/2" nails.  

Hilti is the best of the best for these types of fastening. Their equipment is pretty incredible machinery. But it's very very expensive. This is a good tool to RENT. 

Coil nailer with 1 1\2" or 2 1\4" hardened nails. Bostitch makes one of the better nail guns. You'll need a decent air compressor as well. Commercial fastener supply companies carry all this. Not Home Depot.

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