Knock down cabinets Raleigh

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Any idea where I can get knock downs in Raleigh, NC? 

Worth the delivery fee from IKEA? Maybe $400 for kitchen from Charlotte to Raleigh (just a guess)

may I ask why are you looking for knock down vs assembled?

@Ramez Qubain I've just recently heard of these and want to check them out. From what I understand, they are real wood and are priced like press.

Originally posted by @Michael H. :

@Ramez Qubain I've just recently heard of these and want to check them out. From what I understand, they are real wood and are priced like press.

Michael. Most European companies use particle board for their kitchen cabinet box compared plywood which is mostly used by American companies. The particleboard is cheaper, more eco friendly and is more stable (doesn't warp or bend) than plywood.

As for the knock down compared to pre-assembled, the difference mostly is in the cost. Pre assembly is more expensive; because there is more labor cost, packaging and shipping cost. Having said that pre assembled cabinets are also better quality, because they are glued and pressed using precise squaring machines resulting in a more squared cabinet and a bit more rigid. Furthermore, the drawer units are more precise because they are assembled by professionals.

In conclusion, there isn't a real quality difference between knock down or pre assembled but you have to take into account the do it yourself assembly and whether you have the time and patience to do it.

You also have to keep in mind the final installation of the kitchen, that is hanging the cabinets, installing the appliances, countertops and all other fixtures

@Michael H. , I believe you have a Surplus Warehouse in Raleigh.  Here is their website:

I now buy all of my cabinets from them.  The store in Charlotte has all sorts of cabinets, including very good quality pre-assembled cabinets (all-wood construction--no particle board) for an amazing price.  I have found they are better quality and much less expensive than anything else I've found.  They have 3 or 4 door styles/colors to choose from.  Each store is different, so check your local one.  They also have really nice bathroom vanities, granite vanity tops with the sink installed, flooring, doors, laminate counter tops, windows, and tons more.  I've also bought some of their special order cabinets for higher-end rentals and flips.  Usually they are RTA, but our store now offers a very reasonable fee to assemble them for you--definitely worth it, in my opinion.

Whether you buy RTA or pre-assembled cabinets, I recommend you always try to buy full wood construction--no particle board.  I must disagree with the previous post about the stability of particle board, based solely on my 15 years personal experience.  If particle board gets the least little bit wet, it swells up and breaks down.  I NEVER use particle board in a bathroom, and I avoid it elsewhere.  However, plywood is quite stable.  Consider this:  It's used as roof decking, subfloors, and more, and it does just fine.  Also, if ever there is damage to a plywood box, you can often repair it with a little wood putty and playing with stain to match.  With particle board, all you can do is replace the cabinet.

Let me know what you think of Surplus Warehouse.  Good luck.  :)

@Terri Pour-Rastegar Thank you! I have the same experience with particle board. As a GC, I avoid it at (almost!) all costs!

I second @Terri Pour-Rastegar on particle board vs plywood.  Water is death to particle board, and in my experience plywood is much stronger and less likely to flake off if a staple or screw goes in a bit off of target.

@Terri Pour-Rastegar

 I got my cabinets for my personal house from the Surplus Warehouse in Raleigh and I got a lot of compliments on them. I also use them for all types of stuff for my rentals. It is a great store. 

@Michael H. , @Terri Pour-Rastegar is absolutely right! I've been a kitchen and bathroom remodeler for over 25 years and I always prefer plywood boxes to MDF. Plywood is also lighter in weight and holds up to water better, accepts nails and screws better, stains because it's real wood veneer as opposed to MDF which is usually a paper veneer that does not hold up to water, heat or weight, which is always a factor in kitchens and bathrooms. RTA (ready to assemble) cabinets are a great way to save money on materials as long as you are handy, patient and have the ability to determine if a cabinet box is structurally sound and is not going to fall apart when it is hung by itself with weight in it. I usually use hot glue and pin nails in addition to the assembly hardware provided. Most important thing is that the back panel (which is attached to the wall studs) is attached to the cabinets side panels, (which hold the shelves and weight) are assembled correctly! I pin nail side panels to the back panel and hot glue the back panel to the side panels behind of the cabinet. Estimate 20 to 30 mins per cabinet to assemble. Wall cabinets take less time then base cabinets due to the drawers for the base cabs. As you get through the learning curve you will get quicker at assembling. You can also YouTube How to assemble RTA cabinets? I hope this helps, good luck. Nick

Thanks for all the replies. I was starting to question what I knew about press but you confirmed my thoughts. 

I have use Matt and Warren of they did a great job with there own brand of solid wood cabinets at RTA prices.

They service Raleigh :)

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