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Hello Bpers!

So I had a home inspection on the 3 unit house I am purchasing and came up with a  list of items to have the sellers repair. They came back not willing to fix these issues but instead offering a $1000 credit at closing. So can anyone tell me what of the following items are doable as a complete noob to home improvements but pick things up quickly:

1. Electrical work- install about a half dozen GFCI, fix a splice that doesn't have a junction box, and correct a double tap in the breaker box. But the GFCI would be replacing two prong outlets, so I'm not sure if there is a ground line to those outlets. What electrical skill level is required to install a ground line?

2. Install safety cables in the springs of one of the overhead garage openers.

3. Add a railing on the stairs leading down to the basement.

4. Fix a leaky faucet.

5. Remove exterior paint on window trimmings, this is required for a FHA loan. The problem is it's an old home so I would think the paint would have lead in it. In which case, does anything special have to be done to remove lead based paint? I mean aside from eating it...

I'm going to get a quote on all of this work but does anyone know the costs to have a contractor do these fixes?



Hi Joe,

Some of the things on your list are easy and straight forward,  others not so much.  In the order of your list. 

GFCIs measure the balance between power supplies and power consumed. You may be required by the prevalent electrical choose to ground the outlets and they may not work properly if you don't. This is a serious safety issue so you should have a licensed electrician do this work. 

Safety cables are easy and the parts are inexpensive from the big box stores. There's probably a YouTube video explaining how to install them. Watch it before you buy the parts. 

The stair railing should be easy on a straight set of stairs and the railings and hardware are also available in the big box stores. My Faroe is the orange one. 

Faucet - Kitchen or bath? Neither is impossible but there are a few tools that will make it easier such as faucet offset wrenches. Usually is easier to replace it.  Stick to name brands.

Exterior paint would be expensive to have a pro do it  to a pro but you can do it yourself. Definitely bombe up on the methodology. 

These are good things to know how to do if your going to have a relationship with houses, especially ones that need TLC.

Good luck and don't feel intimidated. It's just a repair job !!

Hey @Wayne V. , thanks for the feedback. The leaky faucet is in the kitchen so are there any special tools for it? I would do the exterior painting but I am more hung up on how to remove the existing painting. I see recommended ways to remove lead based paint but not a consensus procedure. I'll have to try one of the methods and change if it doesn't work well. 

How old is the home? It may or may not have lead-based paint. We have some older rental properties and I got my Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) certification so I could do the work and/or oversee the work of others on our pre-1978 buildings. You might want to take a one-day course and get certified to work with lead-based paint removal. I tested our properties for lead-based paint and found some in the 1925 and 1941 houses, but not in our two 1950s houses, 1964 & 1967 duplexes, or 1976 8-plex. 

Do you really need to remove all the exterior paint and window trimmings for the FHA loan, or would sealing it under new paint suffice? For the windows, if they are the old wood sash single pane windows, it may be better to replace them than to restore them, unless you want to do a historical renovation. Good luck!

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