Landscapping ideas for area between street and sidewalk

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I need some recommendations on what to do with the landscaping for the area between the sidewalk and street of a new rental I'm acquiring in Salt Lake City, SLC, Utah, UT. The area is not set up with water and currently just has weeds. I would like the area to be very low maintenance and also look nice. I don't want the tenant to have to worry about maintaining this area of the yard.

Any ideas? Any examples with pictures? 



@Bryce Till that green grass just past the weeds looks pretty good and it's low maintenance.  Just keep it cut like the rest of the yard.  Anything else you plant, like ground cover or a gouping of any other kind of plants to fill the area will require maintenance and weed control.

How about wood chips? Gravel and sage brush? 8D

In California we refer to that as the "parking strip".  There are many good looking solutions for low maintenance and low water plantings and/or hardscapes for parking strips.  Google low water parking strip and check out the images.  You'll get lots of ideas.

Originally posted by @Skyler Smith :

How about wood chips? Gravel and sage brush? 8D


Why not just cut the grass like the rest of the yard?

@Bryce Till

Be sure to check with the city before you make any plans. As we have discussed, I own in SLC as well and just met with a city inspector. I believe that you need at least 30% vegetation in that area. I am guessing grass is your best option. I need to put in grass this year because my front yard is all wood chips.

what about grass?

I actually found wood chips to be a pain.  You'll end up with weeds growing through it, and if/when a gardener ever gets near it with a leaf blower - adios woodchips.  

a lot of the nicer rehabs in the 9th & 9th / Sugarhouse area are doing xeriscaped front yards.  Rip all that green water sucking stuff out and throw in a rock garden. 

Drive through some of those neighborhoods and you'll get some pretty good ideas.

Personally I would not do wood chips -you'll be replacing them next spring.  

As @Holden Latimer suggests, call the city.  Up in Logan, the city has a bunch of plans for park strip ideas done by a landscape architect  They might have something like that in SLC.  All approved and everything.


Concrete is low maint.


I wouldnt do anything , its generally not your property , but its a county right of way . Yes you maintain it , but its not yours . Looking down the street everyone else is grass . 

I know what not to do.... don't fill it with river rock; we did that once and kids in the neighborhood had a hey day! We've done well with grass and dense low growing ground cover. See what drought tolerant low maintenance plants do well in your area and are in favor with the city planners.


Thanks so much for the responses. I'm going to check with the city and see what my options are. I think I'll cutt everything down to first see just how much of this area is grass versus weed.

I was initially set on making this a big project but after everyone's feedback it seems like just putting in the effort into some nice grass is the easiest way to go.

I'll post some after pics on the final product. 

Hey bryce,

I think what I would do is make a couple little tree planter boxes maybe 2x2 ft, and do  concrete the rest. You can contact the city and they will plant trees for you, but it takes a few months, because, ya know, the city is doing it...

Good luck post pics when you are done.

Thanks for all your responses,

I visited the property again today and this section is more weeds and dirt than it is grass. I'm pretty sure the previous owner just had it as dirt.

 I would be fine replanting grass but without an automated sprinkler system I worry that the tenant won't have the discipline to alway water it. 

Considering there is no sprinkle system the grass will be new and that I won't be watering it myself, do I still do grass?

Do I just suck it up and water/mow as the owner? 

What are the odds the tenant takes the responsilbity of watering/mowing this new grass? 


Is there irrigation on the house side of the walk ?   If so just add a zone . 

There is no sprinkler system. Are you suggesting installing one?

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