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I have a rental property and the electrical works fine but is very old. I believe the house needs to be rewired but the price for an entire house rewire is very expensive. I was wondering if anyone knew an electrician that would work with me to get the job done. I am small and young and can do all the difficult stuff like running wires through walls and all the other physically demanding and time consuming tasks that comes with the house rewire. What I am looking for is an electrician to help me and charge me for

1. Set up a plan and diagram

2. Tell me the best way to do it and allows me to do most of the work.

3. Inspect my work and make sure everything is up to code

4. Minimal help on certain areas here and there.

There will not be a tenant in the property at the time of the rewire and I am aware of the drywall patching that will need to take place after. All appropriate permits will be pulled and electricity will be cut while I am working. A few of the electricians I have used in the past are usually pretty busy. Ideally I would like to have a semi retired electrician that does jobs here and there. Any input or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Michael McCartney , I'd recommend being very careful going the do-it-yourself route. Personally,I always prefer a licensed electrician who can pull the appropriate permits and get them closed out correctly; remember, electricians are by and large the only trade who can literally burn your house down, and in my home inspections electrical is generally an area that always has deficiencies. Good luck, and remember to play it safe.

@Chad Clanton You're right. It is dangerous to do all by yourself. All the appropriate permits will be pulled I am just looking for a way to cut down on my costs. I think the most time consuming part of the process is getting the wire from point A to point B. I can have the electrician hook up the wires to the breaker box and I find a way to get it to the room or outlet it needs to go to.

@Michael McCartney , that makes sense, and it probably would save you quite a bit of money. That said, just make sure that you're pulling the right kind of wire, and routing it the way you're supposed to. Good luck, and give a yell if I can help with anything.

@Chad Clanton Yea that's what I need the electrician for, to tell me which wire goes where based on the wire diagram we draw up. I will let you know if I run into any problems.

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It will be next to impossible for you to find anyone that will do this.  You are looking for a licensed electrician that will supervise and direct your pulling of wires and then get all the appropiate permits and sign off on the job.  Unless you have an "uncle" in the bussiness it will be a miricle to find someone who will agree to do this.  How mch will an electrician charge for th entire job if they do it completly?  How much will they charge for just the hook ups and supervision?   Please keep us posted on this journey.

I'm just up the road in San Marcos and was looking to do the very same thing for an older house we just bought.  I was even buying materials to do the work.  THEN I learned that, to get a homeowner's permit (I wanted it inspected), I had to fill out a form stating that this would be for my HOMESTEAD!  Basically, I can't get a permit to do my own work on a rental.  One of the people I was talking to about this said that it was basically the same way in San Antonio so, if you haven't looked into, that might answer your question.

Also, as has been stated, I don't think you'll find any electrician willing to risk their license and bonding to allow you to do the work under their license. I tried that route, no dice.

@Barbara G. I did not realize that rule about the homestead. The house is a duplex and I will be living there but I plan on doing work on one side and living on the other but they have separate addresses so I wonder if I can pull a permit for the property or would it be a separate permit for each unit.

Perhaps if you get an electrician to price out the job for you and then,  when he gives you the price, and if it is too much see what you can negotiate with him

Tell him that you want to do the job with him but you can not afford the price.  First ask him if there is any other way  he can do the job, cutting out some non essential things.

Then Ask him if there is anything you can do to get the price reduced in exchange for your labor.    Ask him if there is any of the work you can do  and how much he would be willing to reduce the price in exchange for the Labor you would provide.  Who knows maybe there would be something he would work out with you since he has already accessed the scope of the job. 

Maybe he would also work out a payment plan with you that might make this doable.

Keep us informed so when we have this same problem we will have some refrence point

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