Not so great finishes. What can i do?

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So we have a property that is finishing up, with outlets/switches, and fixtures.  I came in today and saw some of the outlets with weird gabs (pic below).  I think the drywall cutout was too big, is there anything i can do by myself or something an electrician should be able to adjust or fix?  We do plan to have a painter come back to do touch ups.  

Not sure about his one, how it came to be.  What do you guys suggest to fix this gap?  Something i can do?

Im sorry about pics being sideways, still figuring out why it does that.

fill them in with joint compound, Did you do the work your self ?

They sell larger cover plates for the switches that should cover the mediocre drywall work.

The other solution is to add some joint compound (spackle) around the box (take the plate off first. It will require some drying time and sanding and painting.

The hole at the stairs, assuming it's interior, the same joint compound can be used to fill that hole. Alternatively, a small piece of wood molding could fill the gap as well. Glue and paint it.

I would have the drywaller/painter fix them as they should have done in the first place. But sometimes it's easier and quicker to just do it yourself.

@Michael Gessner

I'll look into joint compound; and all work, drywall /electrical, was thru professionals.   Thanks Michael for suggestion


@Mike McCarthy  

I'll see about the larger plates, and determine whats quicker, only few have gaps, not all.  I'll see if i can do it myself, and try out joint compound for the gap in stairs.  Thanks MIke

I'm sure the posters who said joint compound meant the "Easy-Sand" mix up type that sets like plaster, not the bucket kind that is a terrible idea for anything thick.

But getting the contractors back in to actually do their jobs is a better idea.  Did they think you wouldn't notice?

@Darshan Patel is this a low end rental or a flip? I imagine the reaction might be different depending on what you intend to do with the property. Oversized plates will probably cover the gaps. The "hole" at the stair, what is behind that? Trying to put enough compound in that area and make it look good will take some effort and time for someone who has never done it before. If this was a rental I would be ripping a thin piece of wood, putting it over the hole, painting it white and calling it done. If this was a flip, I would be looking for a better solution than that (maybe compound, maybe new drywall in that section, etc).

If it's a large project and those are the only two spots the painter might be capable of fixing them.  Sometimes they don't like doing drywall work tho because their quality might not be up to par because it's not what they do everyday.  You tube will show you if you wanna do it yourself👍

If this is new drywall work, then get the drywaller back out to fix his mistake. I would with hold final payment until fixed.  New work should not look like this.  If the electrician made the holes to be then have him fix it and with hold his final payment until fixed.

I agree with Jim Adrian. Don't reward shoddy workmanship by taking on the responsibility of fixing this yourself. if they are indeed professionals they should be used getting a punch list. Hold final payment until you are satisfied

@Johann Jells

I don't know what they were thinking, I'm gonna check my other properties drywall and actually measure it to be sure, weather its drywall or electrician that is screwing up.  

We got a handyman that will take care of all small items, and issues.  The gaps he will take care of too.  Thanks Johann

@Brian Pulaski

This is a flip, I am hoping joint compound will take care of this; this is on the handyman list, i rather not screw it up.  Behind the stairs, i saw horizontal sticks of wood, not sure the exact terminology for those.  I'll post updated picture of fixes once its done.  Thanks again Brian

Thanks @Darren Hutton

Gonna leave it to the handyman, i'll try to watch and see if he can explain as he works.  

@Jim Adrian

We gonna have talk with electrician, see what his take is.  He should have at least said something.  Same with drywall guy and gap in stairs.  I can't believe i didn't see the stair gap till recently, i need to be scrutinizing every area with a fine comb (this more on me for slacking/focused).  Thanks Jim

@Jim Kalish

Thanks Jim, i agree too, me and the handyman have many things to do as it is, without adding more to it.  

I'll post update with pictures, hopefully soon

Originally posted by :

 Behind the stairs, i saw horizontal sticks of wood, not sure the exact terminology for those.  I'll post updated picture of fixes once its done.  Thanks again Brian

That's wooden "lath".  If it's intact it's easy just to use the setting joint compound on it just liek the plaster was used originally.

I have to say the hardest thing is to see the details when major work has been done, it all looks SO MUCH BETTER, that we get blinded to the crap work. Long after the contractor is paid and gone I always find disappointing stuff like poorly done trim or out of square walls. 

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