I have found a good way to save money is by doing it yourself. When I first started out I was already interested in doing stuff and was naturally curious.This will help you to gain experience. You may find at first that you don't think you have the time but if you were already at the place and could make a fix in 5 min you would not only save money but also time.Like Katherine Hepburn said in her last interview on 60 min,"I think everyone should be able to glaze their own windows.

Today with the internet there are almost no repairs one can not make themselves. (maybe rewiring an elevator)  I think when you see that you can put a new furnace in a place (which is about 3 times as hard as installing a stove) you will not just be saving money you are really making more money. One skill will lead you to others as there is a lot of overlapping in all trades.