Shower plumbing question.... Help!

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We are remodeling a bathroom in one of our units and as a part of that we are replacing the hardware in the shower.

My question is that I removed the previous shower faucet and thought that the new shower faucet that we purchased would fit on the old faucet. (see pictures) However, it does not fit and am wondering a couple things...

1. Can anyone tell what brand of shower faucet was on here before looking at the currently installed hardware

2. Are there adapters that I could use to attach my new handle to the existing hardware in the shower

3. How extensive would it be to replace the current hardware with a new one that was included with the shower handle (see pictures)

I would love to be able to replace this handle without having to tear up the whole shower wall - even if that means buying a different handle that would fit. As you can see I started to cut out the wall but stopped and thought I might see if anyone has easier solutions.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

What does the handle look like from the front?

If you take the trim and a few pics to a plumbing wholesaler (not Lowe's or HD) they can usually tell you what brand it is by the valve.

@Erin Caldwell

Just a thought but is there an access panel behind that wall? If there isnt it would be easy to add one there if it is in like a closet or something. Since this is a rental it would save trouble down the road anyway. 

@Erin Caldwell Take what you have and pics to a specialty plumbing shop. If anyone could help it would be them. Unfortunately a lot of times with old stuff they don't carry the parts for it anymore. What handle is that? Or what does it control?

should not really be an issue getting the new handle on. There's a set screw on the side of the handle that needs to be backed out and re tightened after install. The diverter in there looks like a moen I recently installed. They are all pretty standard. if the handle won't work take the diverter to the store and get one with a different shaft that will accept your handle. Make sure the diverter is the right kind (ask for help) I'd go to a plumbing supply store not HE because most guys at the box haven't a clue.

If that red wall is redgard coating, and you're going to tile it, I'd say before you do that go all in: open the wall, and replace the whole valve with a modern one where the cartridge is easily replaceable. Much better than tearing out tiles down the road. A lot of those old ones are not up to code with pressure balancing.

That is a moon cartridge in the wall. It is the posi temp line. 

Updated about 1 year ago

Wow sorry, that was supposed to say "Moen" not moon.

This post has been removed.

The whole valve would most likely have to be changed out behind your drywall. If you are going to tile over it then you can patch it back. Not sure if that is drywall with red guard over the top, If that is the case, I would not recommend putting tile directly over that. I would still put a hardi board or cement board on it. In that case just cut the shower valve area out replace with the one you desire and cover with cement board. 

looks like you have a Moen valve to me. shouldn't be hard to find a handle to fit it at any local hardware store

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