Rental property nightmare!!

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Hello BP!

Just finished a bathroom remodel that took waaaay tooo long, but I thought I'd share my experience. 

So I am house hacking a rental i inherited and one day noticed a puddle in the hallway carpet. I examined the area and with the help of one of my tenants i discovered that there was a large crack on the bottom of the tub but it had gone unnoticed because there is usually a non slip mat over it in the tub. Turns out it has been leaking for quite some time and a lot of the subfloor under the tub had been soaked. 

Instead of hiring someone I took it upon myself to do the majority of the work since I have a background in construction. The tub was the type that also had the side walls as one entire piece so along with the tub that was cut out was the walls as well.

I contacted the home insurance and was later told that they were unable to cover any costs associated with the replacement because it was considered "over a period of time damage" and not sudden.

I was well aware of how to demo all of the old tub and to clear out the area but after that my youtube education began. After asking for advice from some family that has done this type of work in the past and learning several different methods online i was ready to tackle the what seemed impossible tub remodel.

I'm not going to bore you with all the little things that i learned that need to be done but i ended up going with the cement backerboard method. I wanted to also challenge myself so I also ended up installing a niche on the back wall so the tenants could place their shampoo bottles inside. After installing the cement boards and taping them and all that jazz I ended up using a waterproofing membrane which was considered optional. 

Anyways enough of that, I have to say for never have done any tiling I am very proud of how it came out. I am a big believer that one should do the work at least once so they are aware of the type of work that is needed in order to complete a certain task so I am very pleased that I took up this task full speed ahead. I should also add that during the time of the construction I have a full time job, I was a full time student, and was also managing my house hack. 

if you have any questions on any part of the construction or anything at all please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Lets use this amazing platform for what its worth.

Thanks for reading 

Michael Arreola

The finished product. If I can do this then you can do it!

Wow that's pretty cool and it came out great! I understand the lesson of doing it yourself once just to see how it is. But man let me tell you, it sounds like you had some issues doing it yourself and you have a construction background. For me, this would have been an impossible task. I definitely would have just called a GC for this one. But I am glad to hear that you worked it out. All the best!

Wow, that really does look nice. Good tile choice, nice trim choice, love the colors. Tile is extremely rewarding to do. I was the flooring dept. manager at a home depot in NH, i used to run the tile clinics for 3.5 years. Every class i taught there were always 2-3 people who were like... "thats it, its that easy to lay tile" and i'd just smile and reply "..for the most part" Tile is a process that ANYONE can do, it just takes a little planning, and a little knowledge. When its done, you'll feel like a rockstar!!!! Good Job!!!!

Well done it looks great. I am curious if there was any specific YouTube videos you would recommend that you used? I am a big fan of using YouTube for educational purposes and am always looking.

Looks good, I would have asked the insurance how the floor of a tub breaks like that "over a period of time." 

Thank you everyone for all the kind words. After finally completing it I do have a great feeling of accomplishment. Although there were plenty of mistakes, I know the next one (if there is one) will be a lot better.

I seen lots of videos to get different opinions but the main page I followed was tile master ga. He was very knowledgeable and explained the little steps well.

Once again, thanks for all the input.

looks awesome. good job. side note, those look like the exact same tiles I used in my personal shower. even the accent tiles look like they may be the same.

@Michael Arreola Looks like you made the best of a bad situation. Nice work on the remodel there! Looks great and I'm sure the tenants were happy with the end result (after the work was done, I'd guess). Thanks for taking the time to post photos.

Great job! I had a tenant once that had a leak in his toilet, water was coming from underneath the toilet,a light amount but consistently all day and night. The tenants neglected to tell me this for 3 weeks and would through a towel over it to keep his feet from getting wet. He nonchalantly mentioned to me one day over the phone he thinks the toilet bowl has a very small drip.

Well, cut to me walking into the apartment and my 3 days of laying brand new wooded floor job had beveled so badly from the 3 weeks of water leaking destroyed my entire apartment. Ill never forget, it literally looked like an anaconda slid its way underneath the wooden floors from the bedroom next to bathroom through 3 rooms to the front door it beveled so bad, never seen anything or anyone like I dealt with in this situation before.

Needless to say he was removed from the property in a matter of a 5 days due to “contamination of sewage.” This was a fully gutted brand new apartment with new Sheetrock walls that had to be cut a couple feet from the now cement floor to prevent black mold and bacteria from growing. Today it’s an all tile apartment with a new toilet!!!

Thank you, YouTube and google for helping me through the 2 months rebuilding and finding a new tenant. So I feel your pain and pride at the same time. :)

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