First off, I know this is not the traditional Bigger Pockets post, but here it goes...

First post alert!

I have gotten so much valuable information from scrolling through these forums for hours, so I wanted to see if I could get some advice. I decided to start an alternative route to pay for the down payment on my first rental property, and hopefully many more to come. I came across some local auctions that are moving locations and needed to unload some specific items. I feel like I have the opportunity to do this a few times and really start a good down payment stream if it takes off. 

The items are very random and will be different every month. I am looking for advice or connections to any people that may be in this business. I feel like it would be perfect for someone remodeling a large hotel, furnished apartment complex, etc. And this relationship could be continuous based on the items I have at each time. These items would be great for someone trying to cut costs on a large scale rehab. 

Right now I have: 

1) Around 1300 King/Queen headboards... More of the wall mount type that you see in hotels. They do not have any hardware attached to the back. Brown and cream faux leather. Pretty sharp looking honestly.

2) Oil Rubbed Bronze cabinet hardware/pulls... I have a 4" spread and a 5" spread. Multiple people I have talked to have been interested, but only in small amounts. Thing is, I have about 12,000 total. Brand new in boxes of 100.

3) 17 Pallets of already cut mirror glass. Various shapes and sizes. Majority 30x30ish.

4) About 400,000 wood screws/ bolts... majority 1.5 inch.

5) 6000 Bed Slat kits. These are metal kits, that are already assembled with everything you need to attach to bed frame. Various sizes.

Ok... I know, I know... super random. (This is what I started doing on the side from my full time job, so just dabble with it during the weekends)

I have multiple pictures of everything if anyone happens to want to see them. 

Thanks again for your time! Any connections/ advice would be greatly appreciated!