How do I fix a bath tub low spot?

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Hi Guys,

I am currently renovating a duplex to house hack. In one unit, i noticed that the tub does not drain completely and leaves a pool of water at the bottom of the tub in a low spot. I tried to fix this by filling the low spot with thin set concrete and then sanding smooth. I then refinished the tub with a refinishing kit. However after less than a month of living in this unit, I've noticed that there is already a crack in the finish. I'm afraid this is only going to get worse if I don't fix this better. I don't want to leave it like this long term as it almost certainly will not hold up.

Does anyone have experience fixing this type of issue? Is there something better than thin set that i should use? Is it an issue just with the finish i used? Is this an unfixable problem that I'm better off replacing the tub all together (and have to remove the new tile i just installed as well)? Any advice is welcomed!!

@Alex Nelson  

Dude that sucks about the new tile. If the tenant can live with it, so can you. There is a chance you can support it from underneath with shims to place pressure from the bottom. Maybe go in from the back wall. But I would expect that it would need to be replaced.

I am guessing this is a plastic or fiberglass tub.  Most are supposed to be set on a mortar bed.  If there is access to underside of its floor and it's wood I would Try drilling and spraying a few cans of Great Stuff expanding foam thru the floor and see how that works.  Not much to lose.

@Alex Nelson

As a tub refinisher I can give ya some insight.

The DIY kits suck. As you just learned. There is a company out there called topkote, that has a roll on friendly finish we pros use in a pinch. Expect to spend a couple hundred bucks on materials. VENTILATION IS CRITICAL! AND WEAR A RESPIRATOR! Make sure to mix everything at the correct ratios.

Fill your low spots with bondo, sand smooth. Concrete like thinset wont work.

Time to sand and remove everything and start fresh. The topkote brand stuff is pro grade and should last a long time as long as long as you don't use anything with suction cups (bathmats) and you dont clean with any abrasives (green scouring pads).

 I have a claw foot tub in an old 1900 house.  It has a lower wear spot where hundreds of butts has worn it down.  I just tell the renters that they will need to use a wash cloth to dry the water in the low spot.  

What Bill said.  If this is an acrylic tub, then you are going to have to remove what you did to it, sand everything down nice, use some bondo to fill it in, and then apply the topkote.  Definitely doable.

It sounds like you guys are big fans of Topkote. Will this not crack like the other finish that i already used? I kind of assumed any enamel which is flexed like that might be prone to cracking.

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