I would imagine there are a few landlords like me, struggling with gutter cleanouts - I found a super simple (one-time) trick to clean out gutters, without a ladder.

Personally, I need to use cash flow for other things - like plumbing - and can't justify the cash for gutter guards on my rental properties, so I use these steps- to create a Leaf blower "extension pole".

First, if you don't already have a good leaf vacuum/mulcher - buy one - a good one will last for many years. I got an electrical corded leaf vacuum mulcher as they seem to offer the most power for the cheapest price - however, gas-powered versions are more powerful and have unlimited reach if you can spring for it.

Next, measure height to top of your gutters (first story, second story. Take that measurement less 6 ft. and that is the length to write down.

Now, measure the end of your leaf vacuum/blower "nozzle".

Then, go to your local home depot or lowes and grab the length of PVC needed to reach gutters, in the diameter to match your leaf vacuum blower "Nozzle" (2 1/2- 3" etc.). Normally, you will use an 8 ft. piece, however, if you have a higher single story roof or two-story roofline grab another 8-10 ft. piece for an extension.

At the same time, grab 2 PVC elbows to configure a shepherds hook which you will add to your straight length of PVC pipe with PVC adhesive.

Next, using PVC adhesive - connect the elbows to each other to create a 180-degree bend (shepherds hook) and connect the elbow to a straight piece (same diameter) of PVC.

Finally - onsite, connect the PVC extension pole to your leaf vacuum blower using a piece of duct-tape to seal the gaps, and carefully raise the pole up to your gutters to either Vacuum or Blow the leaves out. This method works like a charm for me, and I'm usually done with one of my rentals in an hour or less, depending on clean up.

The best option will depend on how thick or wet the leaves are to determine what works best for you.

If you need to add an extension, just duct tape an additional length of PVC straight pipe to reach higher. Note, if you want to forgo the PVC option, there are leaf blower cleaning kits pre-manufactured out of lighter weights materials like this one from WORX.

And while It may sound like a lot of work, it's a cheap fix ($30-40) to an otherwise expensive ($800-$1,200) gutter guard installation you can't afford right now.

Good luck!