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Question, I don't have the time to sand entire hard floor of a rental property I just picked up. And I don't feel like paying anyone either. I'm thinking of painting them and being done with it. Does anyone with real world experience wang to suggest a paint brand that they have used with good success.??

You may want to rethink your options. You are considering doing something to your investment that can have numerous and lasting affects just to save youself time and money today.

Think of the investment more than yourself.

Sorry - one of the dumbest things I've ever heard...

Any good paint supplier should be able to recommend a good floor paint.

I wouldn't paint the floor. I would use something like Allure which is a high quality synthetic (vinyl?) product that is easy to apply and looks great. As cheap as $.99 a sq ft. You can get it in finishes that imitate hardwood or stone. It will add value and make your unit easier to rent vs just painting.

I agree with the other posters, don't paint the floors. I recently bought a house with painted floors and it looked horrible and cheap. I paid to have them refinished and stained.

If stained correctly you will add durability to the floor. Paint will come off.

What condition are the floors in? Why are you so opposed to spending some money to refurbish the floors?

@Dave Shellenberger , in my opinion, whatever condition the wood is in now is better than painting...

Floor painting is not a good option because it will look very cheap so if you really need to paint so try a good product which makes the floor beautiful.

I know that in the book, The Section 8 Bible, they talk about painting the floors. Those are $15K row houses in the ghetto. A lot of this would depend on the price range that you're in. How bad are the floors now? I've found that with hardwood floors, they don't have to look great. Even beat up hardwood is more appealing to a tenant than stained or worn carpet.

You said you don't have time to have them sanded. A hack hardwood guy could sand them and clean them up in about two days. It's not that much time. You would spend a day painting (ruining) the floors anyway and then wait for them to dry.

Has been tried and works well. That's what floor paint is for.

Actually, painted floors are actually kind of a "thing" now in interior decorating. Just Google 'painted floor' and go to Images- there's a bunch of pictures, some very elaborate (probably a little more elaborate than what Dave has in mind, haha!)

I own some rentals in not the best area. We paint the floors and it works great. I don't know the paint brand because I personally am not the one doing it, but I believe there is a specific floor paint you can buy at the big box home remedy stores.

Just to be clear though, these are rentals that go for less than $600/month. We're talking about tenants with not quite all their teeth.

Originally posted by Steve Babiak:
Tim W. was calling this "European wood floors":




So this has been tried before ...

Btw Steve, thanks for the trip down memory lane. I had completely forgotten about this since I started selling off my rentals. Gave me a great laugh reading through those old threads.

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