Is it worth $500 college area neighborhood.

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I recently bought a property in the “college area”  sycamore and Roseburg area. I’m wondering if I did the right thing. 

Is a 2000sqft house in this neighborhood worth a $500k after rehab?


Hello Abdu, I am new to REI and still looking to do my first deal. It is strange that you would bring up this question after purchasing the home. This should be part of your due diligence when looking for a deal. Your realtor should be able to run comps for you and tell you if this is the case. Wish I could give more info but I am new to this ballgame.

Hi Kevin,

May be I need to revise my question. The comp has been done and made sense at the time. Now, I’m from the Bay Area prices are different depending on the zip code (for school district and so on). Here, prices are different (big differences) from one block to another. What makes the college area so attractive? 

I appreciate you responding to this topic Kevin. 

You are not giving enough information on th eproperty to allow anyone to assess the property. Is this a personal home, rental propery or a flip project.

Is this a long term hold, are you a faith investor. We need more information.

Hi Thomas, 

This place is for a flip. Now, I bought it for the same price as the seller bought it 5years ago. The house need some work. 

I’m not a faith investor. 

Thanks Thomas 

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