Title Company/ Real Estate Lawyer

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Hey Everyone!

I am currently looking for a title company in the Bettendorf/Davenport area and was wondering if you guys had any recommendations? Talked to Vollertsen, Britt & Gorsline, P.C. today and they do title servicing as well as real estate attorney's, I'm not sure if anyone has dealt with them before or not though?

Any and all recommendations welcome! Thanks!

I've never heard of those guys. I've used Ryan Weber of Gomez May law firm in Davenport for all my transactions and I'm very happy with him. 

+1 for Gomez May, I use Tres (Jorge Gomez III).

I worked with Leslie Aboud of Vollersten, Britt & Gorsline with our last purchase.  She was great!  I used Gomez May in 2015 for our primary residence and Ray Choudry for a couple of home sales.

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