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Growing concern over hired contractor

Posted Jan 18 2022, 23:00

Hi. My fiancé recently agreed to a contracting job to renovate a house we plan to occupy. I’ve grown a bit concerned and in need of some advice.

They were recommended by a real estate agent from this website. They started rather quickly after requiring a 23k check payment. The total agreed upon was 50 total for a project that includes, kitchen, windows, floors, paint, and another 9k for the bathroom that was a separate contract I think (perhaps sub contracted?). Redoing the plumbing was included in the total and some electrical if needed. A contract was signed but it was vague and not itemized. He gave her a fixed price package price and said an itemized would cost more if he listed it all out. The day it was signed I overheard the guy on a phone call to someone to plan a big party that night. It’s also important to note that he was on the cheap end of estimates compared to others. My fiancé did not ask to see his license or insurance, but he seemed very knowledgeable on par with some of the other guys we spoke with. 

As they proceeded to do some demolition, they stacked the flooring in house in a pile, stored cabinets we planned to salvage for the kitchen outside in the elements, and left a leaky faucet running in the kitchen held up by a garbage bag that broke onto the floor. I had to put a garbage pail under it to catch the water. They also left leaving a window open and a big hole exiting from the bathroom without covering it up. Assuming these were the plumbers on the project, I found it odd that they left two leaky faucets, one leaking on the floor and the place in unruly order.  

I had set up security cameras outside to see who enters and leaves with the base system in the house away from where they were doing the work. I notice they would turn it off at times when working and now it’s off indefinitely. I found this suspicious.

They don’t have hard hats or anything like that either. I mentioned to my fiancé that I’m concerned about how they leave things after they are done. A mess. Also, they said they tested for mold and aespestus notifying it was clear. My understanding is it takes a few days to get back from the lab, no?  

The boss was only present at the house the contract day and one other day.

It doesn’t feel to me these guys are that professional and I’m not sure how to proceed. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks, Ben

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