I am considering buying a forclosed A frame house (22'x48' base and the roof has about a 3/2 rise/run slope) that has a very unique fiberglass roof (see pictures) in the South-west part of Virginia. The roof will have to be completely removed and probably re-framed to support heavier asphalt shingle roof. Three roofers I've sent the photo too have never seen one like it or worked with that type. Any suggestiong on the type of people I should talk to in order to get a somewhat accurate cost estimate for each step of the process?

I figure there are 4 steps:

1. roof demolition -  probably will effect the 2nd floor in the house (there is a basement/garage level; 1st floor; 2nd floor) - roofing company? - ??? not sure who does work like this

2. new roof design (probably 2nd floor redesign too) - architect or structural engineer

3. framing of new roof and 2nd floor - builder?

4. new ashphalt roof installation - roofer