I quit my job, maybe this post will inspire you to do the same

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I quit my job back in March of 2017 and here is why. My goal for real estate investing was pretty much like everyone else’s. Financial freedom. I also didn’t want to work for an employer. It was killing my soul. Banks at the time wouldn’t lend to me for at least another year and I was having difficulty understanding how to actually get private money. I decided if it would take at least a year before I could afford to do my own flip why not start my own business being a general contractor and renovating other people’s homes for them so I could learn. I had been in construction for many years but never a general contractor and most of things I had no clue how to do. But I knew I wanted to do flips. Recently I just finished up my first renovation on a customers basement. It was a 1000sqft apartment (for their elderly mother) in a basement in a very nice house worth at least a million dollars and I was very fortunate that they allowed me to be the general on the job and that they gave me a chance. It all worked out well and although it wasn’t my own real estate I am very happy that I am on my journey. I have one bank that will finally look at lending to me once this years taxes are completed for my business but until then I am starting yet another renovation. This time a full gut job on an older home. Without bigger pockets I’m sure I’d still be sitting at a desk selling insurance just dreaming about owning my own business. I still don’t own any rentals and haven’t done a flip but I’m closer than I was in the beginning of this year and I’ve been working for my self this whole time. It’s been very nice. So thank you bigger pockets. I know I am not on here very often and I don’t post often but you still inspire me and keep me motivated to keep pushing.


That's an awesome story and I can tell that you'll keep on going. I'm glad that you've made the first step, which is quitting your job, it only gets better from here on out. 

You're just getting started!

It sounds like you quit your job and went into business working for yourself. That is cool because you have more control of your income. You can quit working when your assets earn more money than you do. Keep it up.

Congratulations Chris!!

Starting and taking action is always the hardest. Keep on pushing. I know you also enjoy the fact you are steps closer to your goal

Thank you everyone and I do have a wife, no kids yet. Although I haven’t invested in the real estate portion yet I do feel as though my general contracting company will be a huge advantage once I can get the funding for a flip. I’ll have all the connections to other contractors, I’ll have the managing skills to actually get the project done. And other benefits. It is incredibly scary to be out on my own (my wife also owns her own business). But if you can find a way to start a business to help you with a bigger dream or goal later down the road I say you go for it! “If your not scared your not doing anything big enough” - Grant Cardone.

Hi Chris

I really commend you on taking action. That is to me the most important step, always in motion, never stagnant. I see you quoted Grant Cardone, I have just recently learned about him and already read 4 of his books and watch his videos on YouTube. Who else inspires you?

Happy hunting!

That is awesome! Being your own boss can be a great opportunity to move forward investing as well. I’ve been a GC for over 20 yrs now and I also invest in buy and hold rentals. The two have worked out great for me as the two businesses feed off of each other. In the early years it was a lot of work and long hours, but it pays dividends later. Keep hustling and good luck!

@Marvin Hernandez Russell Brunson is good even though he isn’t about real estate particularly but his stuff on marketing is great. Tim Ferris of course (4 hour work week) and Mike Michalowicz (profit first). My book collection isn’t that big so I listen to these books and pretty much everything Grant Cardone has put out also rich dad poor dad.

Great post!! That’s one of my goals in this quest to become financially independent through REI. Some may find this weird, but I can foresee the only thing holding me back is the comfort of health insurance I get from my day job. I feel that even if I made a ton of money through REI, I can’t bring myself to pay the premiums that these states health exchanges are charging for subpar medical coverage. Maybe by then, the country will have it all worked out, but very doubtful.

I’ll end this with a question for any of you that have gotten to this point through REI and are hopefully young enough to enjoy life (not old enough for Medicare). What do you do for health insurance for you and your family??

I actually don’t have health insurance right now. To be fair though I didn’t have it when I worked at State Farm selling insurance either though. I’m looking into a couple alternatives to insurance such as a Christian health bill share plan. I’m also looking into starting a group health insurance policy with other people that need insurance. But I’m still not sure how to go about that. The office I do most of my insurance through no longer is selling health insurance policies this year so I have to find a new place.

Thank you for your reply. I didn’t mean to jack your post. It’s just an issue that’s been weighing on me because I think most of our goals include being financially independent and to me it includes health care. Let me know what you come up with for a group health plan. I’m curious to know if enough investors got together if a worth while (cost effective plan and affordable one) can be achieved.

I’m not sure about the exact rules on forming a group health insurance plan, I just need to look into it. If I find out anything worth while I’ll try to make another discussion on BP. There may be one already on here for all I know.

Great post and good luck to you. Stick with it and you will be fine.

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