I have been in Real Estate for many year as a forward agent turned investor. I have some extra cash flow and want to invest in something other then actual RE. My cousin owns a very successful Construction Company and wants to open a sister company to it in a very good area in need of it. This is where I come in and I will invest a x amount of money silently. Although, I’m taking care of creating a name, business cards, Advertisement, etc. I strongly believe the name of a company is very important it can provide you with more leads or no leads depending on the context. I also believe there is a psychology behind a business name, logo and advertising. I want the name to be creative enough to grasp the interest of our future customers, it has to be memorable enough for them to consider is as their first choice when in need of a contracting service the my competitors provide as well. An unusual and witty business name will always stick in your head just lie a unique business card, logo or even a slogan. Here’s criteria... Last names start with an “R” and a “G”, location would be tri-state areas with many jobs being accepted for travel as well. Large crew all contracting of subs have licenses and insurance, more then fair and low cost with high end quality and estimates always reflect the work needed. of his company and workers are very well known to be some of the top tradesman lining up jobs such at Mercedes dealerships, The Ritz apartment building, county court houses, famous churches, many local business, and all types of residential work needed. He is able to beat any price quoted or bid. My cousin whom is the owner is not greedy, fully hands on with his crew, licensed and legit nor would he ever be looking to price gauge anyone or take advantage. This is why I think he does so well. So he wants this new company to have the same values as his first. Please feel free to give any advice on names and everything for upstarting a business that is very competitive. I hoe to get a lot of advice and criticism good or bad. Bad criticism is always good criticism! Thanks in advance :)