Dont buy paint from Home depot.

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I brought a paint sample to home depot to match and purchased a sample. I only needed enough to cover a few sq feet.  When I went to use the paint it didnt match. I took it back to the store for a refund and they refused. How the hell can they not guarantee a color match. I was going to be spending about 10 to 15k at their store in the last couple of months of this year but I will be taking it somewhere else now.

@Tom R. Home depot doesnt guarantee paint matches. They even have a disclaimer at the paint desk. You made the mistake of assuming a 100% match....that hardly ever happens in painting. Refund...? That's funny....

I made the mistake of trusting the salesman who told me I could get a refund if it didn't match. Their match wasn't even close. The primer was a closer match than the one he made for me.

We have an awesome paint guy who runs the local Benjamin Moore paint store.  He can match paint perfectly.  He has been in the paint business for 40 years.  Find a dedicated paint store and stick with them.

Originally posted by @Account Closed :

Where you going to buy $15k worth of paint later?  I might want to front run a stock buy...........

 About $6k in flooring, $2k in appliances, $2k or 3k in paint, lumber, drywall and about $5k in miscellaneous/ surprise the house needs (???) repairs.

@Tom R. Its a clear no-return policy for this exact reason. You made a mistake, it happens. The correct response would be to take some responsibility and go fix the problem, instead of trying to rally a boycott. In this business youll have a LOT more businesses piss you off, and cost you money than what a couple gallons of paint cost. Pace your anger my friend, youll need it. ;)

@Hai Loc   It would be interesting if you did a scientific test by getting seven small paint brushes and then paint seven stripes side by side and see if you can see any differences.

@Tom R. They don't care. Your $15k over a few months is nothing, I've spent double that in a single order and am likely still a small-fry. Its the way big retail works. If you want responsiveness, pay the premium to buy at a small single-store supplier locally.

This thread was helpful. Especially about managing our anger_ which is really frustration - and it brings up a side issue: 1/4 of Caucasian men are partially color blind. They have trouble seeing different shades and seeing things separately when looking at certain color combinations. It's similar to being partially deaf. You don't see everything as clearly as others and a person combining paints may be that person..

Originally posted by @Travelle Mason :

If y'all are gonna leave constructive commentary/advice, leave it, but nobody's looking for your snide remarks.

So here's my advice: Get over it and realize where you are purchasing. If I want a suit that fits me perfectly with an exact fabric and style, I don't go to Macy's, I go to ESQ in Chicago. If you go to Home Depot, expect your purchase and level of service to be subject to that of a multinational retailer (hint: its far from personal/perfect). Especially when their policies are clearly stated. Unless you alone are a percentage of that store's sales volume, expect little to no exceptions to those policies you agreed to upon purchase.

That's about as constructive as it gets. Cheerleading/pity-parties do little to fix the problem at hand.

The title of your post is what all my painters say to me! Lol My local Sherwin Williams store has nailed a few matches for me recently. Their scanner even matched the color of a vinyl railing from a magazine picture I brought them. I’d recommend them next!

This is pretty much the response I expected from the bigger pockets community. Less than 10% of you offered any advice or support. This is part of the reason I will never pay for pro.

@Tom R. Advice or support? You basically went on a rant about home depot not matching your color perfectly and how everybody should avoid using them in the future? You did not even ask for support or advice you tried to initiate a boycott because you have unrealistic expectations. If you want advice or support just ask for it. Proper post "I'm having trouble with home depot being able to match a certain color that I need for a renovation project, any ideas or advice?".....

@Tom Ott what advice or support would you like..???? Its paint!  Never pay for pro, too funny. BP is simply the BEST OF THE BEST networking site on the planet!! ONLY pros and people that actually DO deals and want to buy more properties vs just talking and kicking tires. Again your complaining that the paint did not match, what are we supposed to tell you??     Hey here is an idea, try another store,,  good luck 

Originally posted by @Tom R. :

This is pretty much the response I expected from the bigger pockets community. Less than 10% of you offered any advice or support. This is part of the reason I will never pay for pro.

 First the advice: go to Sherwin Williams, open Pro account if you're going to flip at least 1 house per year - they'll give you discount about 2/3 off the price on Promar 200 and it's base interior which will be cheaper than Home Depo with their accumulated every year discount.

Next: your attitude: with such an attitude you won't last long in this business. Few dollars don't worth the aggravation - let it go or be dragged into huge amounts of conflicts every day. 

After all, Home Depot is going to be your day time place to live if you're going to flip houses.  Try to make friends with everyone there - it will help you much more than your attitude right now.

And the last: Nobody soliciting you to pay for Pro membership - everyone has their own reason why it worth for them. But your comment doesn't show that Bigger Pockets as a company will have big regrets of your decision.

Each their own 

@Tom R. I tried Home Depot once but I always stick with Sherwin Williams promar 200 paint. My paint colors are standard for all my properties so I always have left over and it matches very well. Also, SW paint is little thicker and hides imperfections very well. I tried eggshell but went back to flat again. However, even SW will not accept return of tinted paint.

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