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Originally posted by @Marley Landes:

Hello BB folks, I am wondering if anyone can tell me how I can report scammers in BB?

I run into an individual here while looking for PM and rehab in I diana's and he pretty much took my money than disappeared.

I have done a through investigation on this man and just want to know how would be the best way to let everyone k ow to stay away from him.

No one should suffer a ripp off this way specially when they are first trying to grasp the idea if being a new investor.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

I am sorry to hear that you were taken advantage of like this. I would contact @Mindy Jensen who can lead you in the right direction. 

I hope everything works out and this person can be stopped immediately!



Good to know. Thank you for sharing!

This just goes to prove what BPers always preach - do your due diligence. Trust, but verify. Even here on BP, there are those that will take advantage. Another thing that may be slightly off-topic, but from the same book..... I cant believe it when i see people post property addresses they are interested in while they dont even have it under contract. Sounds like a good way to lose it to some sneaky bastard!

Originally posted by @Marley Landes:

I just wasn't sure if there was any guidelines and rules in order to report fraud. I have contacted the manager and am contacting every agency related to real estate, contractors license, attorney law for Indiana and reporting Scott Steffek.

He sold a good game and trusting I had found the help I needed I paid for phase 1 but he disappeared after that. Even his wife is involved as his assistant. He has not responded to calls , texts and will not give me my money back. I have found additional people who were also ripped off by him. Please pass the word out, do not do business with Scott Steffek, uses the business names of Investinrehabs, Southland construction LLC and God knows what else. If anyone wants to know more details reach out to me.

I have seen him active on BP..  and I might have corresponded with him at one time as well.. 


Originally posted by @Marley Landes:

@Jay Hinrichs stay clear Jay, he talks a great game. He took the money than came up with an accident story. Worried about his condition, and and attempting 17 calls without response , I actually attempted to find him on Facebook and found his family which I kindly reached out to letting them know I was doing business with him but heard of the accident. Not one person responded, his daughter blocked me and on that same day, conveniently enough he calls and says I owe it to him to listen to him. I called 3 times after that and several texts begging him not to do this to me and no response. I realize I probably lost that money but will get the word out. 

nothing more risky than remote rehab that's for sure.. 


I'm sorry to hear that. Perhaps Better Business Bureau could help you also if he has an LLC (supposedly). I almost went through something like this myself. Luckily the only money I lost was attorney fees when we started negotiating the contract and he never got a dime from me. Small cost of doing business in the larger scheme of things.

@Scott Steffek   has left several out of state and out of country investors hanging mind project. He’s in my area and I see his messes all the time. Just helped two dudes from Israel get bailed out of a project that should’ve been 4 week flip go over a year. Fortunately the market appreciated so much they didn’t lose their pants but it was a stressful year for them. They made the mistake of including the funds for the entire project at closing so were screwed from day one. He partners with some Elbert dude from Illinois. Report him to the attorney general. 

@Marley Landes I feel your pain. I am not for hire except local on a case by case basis. I have seen these kind of things happen all the time in the "wild west" of Texas but I didn't think they would happen that much in Cali. Last year a lady called me about a gazebo. She had spent already 11k. I went to her house and found about 1k worth of work. I felt sorry for her situation and helped her get her 1000 foot gazebo back on line. In a few weeks I will go back and add shingles (I told her she would want them last year) to complete it. 

How does a guy from Indiana get licensed for Cali? I ask this because I was a FEMA storm contractor in 2004-2008. I went to Florida to do storm work for Wilma as well as NOLA for Katrina and Rita. NOLA was no problem but Florida was a different story. The contractor wanted me to stay and do real roofing (not just blue tarp) after the fact. I would have had to jump through more hoops than a circus performer to get there. California is the same I have heard but have never worked west coast so only going on what I have heard. How did a bloke from Indiana get licensed there at all that quick? 

You are doing the right thing here though. @Scott Steffek   should respond and tell everyone what is up.  We need to hear from him. 

Originally posted by @Marley Landes:

@Mike Reynolds Hi I'm in california he is Merrillville Indiana. @Scott Steffek is a coward. He didnt respond to me via text, phone, facebook, email. Absolutely nothing. He is simply a thief and with the number of people I have heard from I'm surprised he is not in jail already. 

I understand and I am so sorry for your experience. I wish our profession had more oversight (and I really thought Cali had it better ) but there are so many hacks in our field. I have never heard or talked to @scott Steffek. You are the type of on the side client I would take as I don't take many. It really burns me up when I see this type of behavior. I have been at it since the '80s so I have seen a lot. 

Not sure how the laws work in your area but I told the gazebo lady to call the local county attorney. They put out a warrant for his arrest for fraud. It didn't help her monetarily but it did help her psych. I see he is on BP after doing a search and the rest are at least forewarned. 



Originally posted by @Marley Landes:

@Mike Reynolds I contacted attorney and am hoping , after all the information sent, that he will get in some kind of trouble. I did a county record research; he is trouble with taxes and a bunch of other things. I think his actions are desperate and what he did was very cruel for a person claiming to be a Christian.

At this point i dont care what is going on in his life. I believe the accident story which is same bs he painted to others and at this point , I just want to make sure the word is out and suffers from people knowing the type of monster he is. 

I agree. He should be doxed until he tells his side of the story. Even a phone call is free these days so he should have talked to you before now. Communication is the MOST important part of a contractor/client relationship. I see your first post is 2 weeks old. That should be plenty of time for someone who takes care of business. 


Sorry to hear that. Its sad to see new eager investors get taken advantage of and scammed by predatory business practices. Its hard to tell the real from the fake on the web. Its funny that the biggest and most powerful developers and investors I know are not even member on BG or any other social media platform

Originally posted by @Elbert D. :

@Adrien S. please do not include my name in anything you do not know. I never met you before so you do not know me.

 I’m glad you jumped in on this conversation because I couldn’t figure out how to tag you in my comment. It’s also funny that I never mentioned your last name in my comment yet for someone who supposedly never talked with me, you knew that you were the Ebert I was talking about. And yes we talked. You and Scott facilitated the purchase of the crown point house for the 2 dudes from Israel. It was presented that you and Scott were partners. I don’t know your involvement with the rehab that was only 20% completed nor do i know your involvement with walking with their money but you never responded to my call when I reached out to see what your plans were to finish it up. Thankfully i found them a real contractor who was able to finish the project and help them sell it and make a few bucks. 

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