Scammers and crooks

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@Jay Hinrichs

I’m no lawyer but I do know you can get sued for anything.

I think there could be some liability here if someone invests in that 19% CoCR deal posted above with Scott Steffek name on it after BP was alerted one of its members is scamming people.

Won’t help the OP but as I’m sure you know with scammers that money is gone.

If someone invests in that deal today and loses money six months from now I’m pretty sure a scammed party’s lawyer Would take a long look at this thread.

Like I said. I’m no lawyer. Me I would take the ad down. Just my .02

@Account Closed  this "deal" closed with some buyer already back in April so the damage is done if any already. The buyer has a Maryland address and I'm not familiar with who it is but the listing agent mentioned these two were not part of the transaction (but the LA is not the most honest person either so who knows). 

@Adrien S. I see you continue to slander me. What is your angle here? Are you doing some noble deed by trying to “expose me”.  Why don’t you email your following responses. Also where was the email that claim that you were so concerned about the rehab???? Exactly because it isn’t one. As I said before.  You’ve mentioned me several times in this thread. 

Trying to eliminate your competition for the market?  I’m not going to let you nor anyone on here defame me.  Your speaking so much for a person that doesn’t know anything. And yet your bragging on not knowing anything about me. Great job of “exposing me”  business must be slow for you eh? You sure have a lot of free time to “expose me”  

Second  I have worked with several other people here on BP, not just him before. So for some deals I have been partners with other people.

So since your bringing up that I’m allegedly a “cheater” and “scammer” why don’t you inform you the BP community about your partner Jason and the deals you guys totally Screwed people over. I found out some things about you. Nor do I know why your mentioning me. You do not have the cleanest track record. Care to explain that whiting house you had a couple years ago? The one that needed a ton of rehab. Yet you were still marketing it as a “deal”.  Care to explain your profit breakdown to the BP community since your so noble? 

Originally posted by @Elbert Dockery:

@Adrien S. please do not include my name in anything you do not know. I never met you before so you do not know me.

Originally posted by @Adrien S.:
Originally posted by @Albert Ng:

In these days of social media, post everything, fact, name, pictures ... on here & social medias.

Had to edit and remove his email address. They work together. Not sure who does what. Who steals the money and how they split it up. But they work together and this is at least the second person they have stolen rehab money from. Hopefully the next person they prospect does some due diligence and researches them here on BP.

what's a good thread without a good meme these days?

@Elbert D. So what's your position with Scott? It's clear you've worked with him so explain your position to everyone here wondering? I don't see you as competition since we do different things. I simply tagged you for your input since it's known you've partnered with him. If you're clean- let everyone know. 

I don't have a partner named Jason and I have no clue what you're talking regarding some deal in Whiting. No one has ever confronted me about a deal they were screwed on but please give me more info. I've sold over 300 houses and don't remember which one you're referring to. Just because it needs a lot of work doesn't mean it's not a deal. I leave plenty of meat on the bone for the investor to do well- that's why it's a deal. We have over 200 five star ratings so I'm open to growing if someone felt they were screwed. Has every house i sold to an investor gone perfectly- no. I'm rehabbing one now that is a never ending problem. Have I ever intentionally withheld info that would affect one's decision- no. That's the difference between screwing someone and unfortunate events. 

Here's how I make my profit. I buy a house (yes, I actually close on the property before I wholesale it). I blast it out to 2500 cash buyers and agents. I give everyone 2-3 days to go take a look at it. Usually 6-10 investors submit offers based on the starting price I send it out at. The highest offer gets it. I don't think how we make profit is anything special. Maybe I'm missing something. 

Agree with this bit by @Jay Hinrichs

If you don't understand what you are putting your money into, don't do it! You are just cruising for a bruising.

[quote]ya but you can see how those that are not foreclosure savvy would buy into it.. like you I call BS on that puff piece.

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