Home Depot or Lowes?

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Originally posted by @Winnie Rim :

Trying to find a great experience with one long term service for my flip constructions, which one has better discounts or deals, Home Depot or Lowes?

 Home Depot for construction items, Lowes for sinks, faucets,etc - finish items. Don't forget ACE Hardware for convenience.

The Lowes card gives you 5% off or 6 months no interest on every purchase.

If you are going to spend over 1500 and can afford to wait an extra day or 2 you can put orders through the pro desk. I usually get about 11-12% off from that.

I'm sure Home Depot has similar incentives.

@Winnie Rim While each store will have it's own incentives and discounts, the savings are negligible in the grand scheme. If you spend hours of your time going back and forth between Lowes and Home Depot to save $100-$200, but improperly manage the contractors so it takes an extra week to finish the job, which do you think costed you more in the long run? 

It's all great to save money but don't walk over a dollar to pick up a penny. 

Originally posted by @Winnie Rim :

Trying to find a great experience with one long term service for my flip constructions, which one has better discounts or deals, Home Depot or Lowes?

I use both. I don't know if Menards is in your area, but they also have some great deals.


Lowes  is more veteran-friendly if that applies to you. Sure they both offer a 10% discount, but HD acts like they don't believe you while Lowe's asks at checkout and pulls me up with my ph#. Lowes also has Veteran parking spots. 

I like Lowes plumbing area much better than HD, but hate the lumber yard being a separate 'trip' and receipt check outside.  

Local lumber yards deliver.  Nice if you need lots of lumber,  drywall, shingles, etc. Don't forget staying local if doing a large project. 

I go local with nearly all my lumber. I can call them and often get it delivered for free the same day. 

i see the big box stores putting studs on sale to get you in there but jacks the price up on other lumber. By the time you get your order it cost more than the local yard. Then they want a delivery fee. For tomorrow of course. 

Been at this since the '80's and have seen it all. 

Originally posted by @Cameron Tope :

@Winnie Rim While each store will have it's own incentives and discounts, the savings are negligible in the grand scheme. If you spend hours of your time going back and forth between Lowes and Home Depot to save $100-$200, but improperly manage the contractors so it takes an extra week to finish the job, which do you think costed you more in the long run? 

It's all great to save money but don't walk over a dollar to pick up a penny. 

Very good advice and well said.  

I am doing a rehab now and Lowes is a mile closer than Home Depot .so naturally I love Lowes. As far as lumber both stores do not have the variety of 84 lumber (posts glulams,etc) Both stores will price match I like Lowes appliance delivery setup better. Lowes seems to have a cleaner better laid out store  The verdict its 50/50 depending on location, bulk items at the time and your ease and familiarity in navigating the store.

@Winnie Rim apparently its just my market but approach any Lowe's with caution. I can't name a single company in America that has provided me worse customer service than Lowe's. I've literally received a notification from them stating my appliances were ready to be picked up, showed up to the Lowe's 5 minutes later at 8 pm, and waited there for four hours for them to find my appliances. Every level of in store management got involved and told me the exact same thing "Your appliances are not here yet." Four hours later at midnight my range was being rolled down the aisle. By far the worst company in America. 

Maybe it is just my market, but would recommend approaching with caution. I can't tell you how many labor hours I've lost out on due to their lack of procedures and quality personnel. 

If I were you, I would try and find a great place that stocks a wide variety of building materials, and then another store for your finishes.  One thing that could slow down your renovation is ordering materials from Home Depot or Lowes and waiting for it to come, and even then, the order may be incorrect.

As an example, there are a chain of stores in the midwest called Menards that stock a huge selection of building materials.  
I was doing a renovation on my house, renovating it in to a rental. Part of this project required me to take out a patio door and change it in to a swing door due to the reconfiguration of the kitchen. The result of this required me to add some vinyl siding to the outside. Lowes or home depot only have a couple selections of vinyl siding. Menards had probably over 30 in stock! I was able to find my color that matched my house no problem as it was stocked at the store. At Lowes or Home Depot, I would have had to order it.

Lowes inventory management management and appliance shipping is so bad they must deviously plan for it.  I stick with them simply because they have provided a military discount for 20 years. Everything but trim and lumber. Going local on that stuff will save you 30% any day of the week.

Every town I've lived in has had both Lowes and HD. In every town either Lowes has had great customer service, or HD has, but never both stores in the same town. I used to go where the service is if they're both about the same distance. And when they are having sales on appliances, they are always matched or a dollar different. 2 weeks ago I had a fridge delivered by Lowes to one of my rentals. The delivery guy was such an a$$hole, I'm done with that Lowes, and at least for now, I'm going to boycott all Lowes stores, and they could care less. 

@Winnie Rim home depot is going to have better prices at least for retail consumers. Cannot comment for pros or bulk pricing. For consumer's home depot will beat competitors by 10% if you show them the competitors price

@Winnie Rim Home Depot offers a commercial card with 60 days to pay. Additionally they will match the Menards 11%with a gift card. Their website offers much more selection than store so I don’t hesitate to look for the bling for a house there. I buy some lighting at Lowe’s but otherwise HD had most of what you need.

I use Lowe's we have a business account with them with gives you 5% discount on everything. I have tried to use home Depot and (in my experience) they are less knowledgable about the quality of projects. People at Lowe's have been extremely helpful, knowledgable, remember us, help us balance quality and cost. I suppose it just matters what area you are in, Menards is great too! 

@Winnie Rim


Best decision I have ever made was getting AWAY from both of those retailers and using local companies to provide everything with free delivery...lumber yards, sherwin William's, amazon, MFS supply.com... Cutting the umbilical cord from both of these companies that was attached to me for 20 years has been the smartest decision I ever made for my business... By avoiding needs 2 retailers I average 20% savings on all of my flips and renovations

HD for small misc. items, quick lumber, etc. If you go there for larger lumber orders be prepared to sort through hundreds of 2x4's because the "PRO" desk isn't going to give you what you want. 

Lowes for appliances. You cant beat the clearance isle there. Just picked up a brand new $2000 fridge for $800, it was perfect until I dropped it on the highway.

Local lumber yard for larger orders, and molding. 

Lowe's! Easier qualification for military discount. Lower thresholds (1500) and high percentages (15-20%) for qsp. Plus they mark down appliances! I think the only things I use home Depot for are acrylic grout, and bright white Subway tiles. I usually pick up a lot of discounted doors and windows from Lowe's when they come in too. 

i usually use SW for paint. Local lumber yards for my trim (I usually get sleek modern trim so that's hard to source), doors, and siding. Lowes beats the local lumber yards for lower end windows and I like their lumber better. Also with my military and bulk discount order Lowe's beats everyone else for insulation and shingles. Drywall I like using LH supply, because they have free delivery inside the house.

If you want good discounts at Lowe's and Home Depot, get on ebay and buy a 10% off coupon for Lowes or a 15% off for Home Depot.  I've done this over and over to save tons of money.  I've even gone to Lowes, bought the coupon off ebay while at the store, then had the store scan the 10% off on my phone to save $170 on appliances.  You can save so much money on big purchases this way.

I know Lowe's can sometimes be a good choice, however, there is one located a mile from my property.  I went there once for a box of typical nails, but was shocked that they were not something they stocked.  I find I would rather drive a couple of miles to Home Depot, where I am more certain of finding what I am looking for.  Sometimes availability is more important than price.

@Winnie Rim I think too many people are talking discounts rather than cost. I have four major stores in my market, Lowes, Home Depot, Fleet Farm and Menards. I was looking at common items like faucets and vents. Literally the same item at all three store and Lowes was 30% more in some cases. Menards was the least expensive and Home Depot in the middle. Even if you take 5% or 10% off, the price is way higher to begin with.

I agree with @Mark Fries that you are better off going with locals or Amazon in many cases. I work with a local appliance place and paint place. Both are extremely easy to work with, deliver for free and cost less. I use Amazon for things like locks or any easily shippable item. Amazon has the same sku as any of my big three and it costs less every time. Even after adding 5%, 10% or 11% off, the standard price is cheaper and it is shipped to me for free. I also buy some stuff at Costco. They have a very limited selection but some good deals on flooring and plumbing fixtures.

That being said, I have been to all four of my big box stores in the last six months. Each has different items. I would love a one stop shop, but nobody can fill that gap for me.

One other tip, use a credit card with cash back. You can save an extra 1-5% on top of receipt price and it is cash in pocket. Pay your bill every month of course...

It all depends on how large you are. For the average person who does a handful of small projects max a year, go to whichever one has the things you want on sale. & go to the discount stores of your area.

For more active guys, Home Depot by far. If you are a managed Pro account (means doing A LOT of volume) you will get wayyyyy better pricing. No one has been able to touch HD pricing for certain items. Lumbar and the basics are still better off buying at the yards, but almost everything else is better off at HD. Especially after you get free financing. 

I’ve priced out both: HD vs whoever is cheapest, and HD almost always win. 

Main point is here, become a managed pro account. You will get called with clearance items that they will shave even more money off. That’s why my warehouse has about 3,000 SF of LVP for less than $1/sf. Show me a retailer who will beat that consistently and I’ll switch right now. 

The exception here is Appliances. This changes every year. I usually stock up during Memorial Day and other sales. Also look at pc Richard’s outlet center for dinged models for dirt 

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