45 Days Left How to Buy Your First (or Next) Property Before 2018

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Wednesday, November 15 at 11:00 AM Pacific, 2:00 PM Eastern

45 Days Left: How to Buy Your First (or Next) Property Before 2017 Ends!

There are 45-days left in 2017... so it's time to get moving if you want to buy a property before the end of the year (OR if you want to set yourself up well for 2018!)

In this webinar, hosted by Brandon Turner (real estate investor and co-host of The BiggerPockets Podcast), you'll learn how to make the most of the next 45 days - including building your own day-by-day, week-by-week Action Plan.

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Trying! We've put in 7 or 8 offers in the last three weeks. Still analyzing the heck out of our markets.

Updated 11 months ago

We're under contract in a 4-plex!!

I’m hoping to buy another in the last 45!

I’ve already closed on one in the previous 45.

Closing on 2 this week, working on 16 more. I need a slow clock, Christmas is coming. Anything like last year, and we will be writing contracts at the stroke of midnight. 😂

I put an offer on a 3-family building today.  I've been working on the deal for a few weeks so I'm confident it will get accepted.  Challenge accepted and hopefully achieved!

Updated 11 months ago

Aaaaand the offer was accepted! I now own 10 apartments and 2 buildings.

just had my first offer accepted today. 4-plex. Everything goes right and I should close early December!

OK @Mindy Jensen , I will share my latest purchase as it almost meets your challenge.  I had decided to NOT buy anymore houses this year despite the challenge Brandon put out recently because I have 3 units that need fixed up and that are not able to be rented and they really hurt cash flow.  No more properties till one of these are ready to rent.  

Then as I was minding my own business reading our very small newspaper last week as I glance at houses for rent to check local rates I see below it an add of house for sale for very short time for $50K.  Below value.  It even listed the address and a phone number.  I look up the address on the local assessors site and see a listed value of $62K.  I see the owner's name listed and when they bought it.  I cannot get sales price because that is protected info in my state.  So, I call and ask to see the property.  Now I have a meeting set for the rest of the day and after all is said and done between our 2 schedules I cannot see it for 3 days.  If it is a good deal it will probably be gone by then.  So my meeting gets done early so I call and ask to see it now, and finally get an opportunity.  Unfortunately I put her daughter in prison, but she agrees it needed done, and doesn't hold that against me.  The house is run down and very dated with a wall heater that looks like it belongs on the front of a 56 Buick.  I chat and find out her motivation.  She mentions folks who have looked at the house who want to trade a very old very large motorhome that needs repair for a down payment and make payments to her.  I tell her I will think it over and call in an offer.  I then go meet with a local realtor who sold the property the last time it sold.  I share my pictures, it sold for a lot more than she is asking.  i get a call from the seller asking how much I would pay for it while I am checking out the value.  I call back in two hours and buy it for $42K and I pay all closing costs.  With maybe $2K in repairs and paint the property will be worth low $60K range.  We sign a buy/sale agreement the next day, I order title insurance and close the following day using a line of credit.  She has 2 weeks to vacate.  I will refinance in the next 30 days to help clear my line of credit up that I need to fix up my other properties.  I will only be able to finance 80% of the purchase price, so I will owe $34K on the mortgage at 5.25% for 20 years so $230 per month mortgage payment.  Taxes and insurance will run $80 per month, and $100 per month for repairs and cap ex expenditures and $50 for vacancy.  So all in at $460 per month and it should rent for $600 per month.  The biggest problem is that the next 4 months are the WORST months to rent for my area, so it may sit empty for awhile and that will cost me some utilities as well.

While this is a small potatoes deal to some, it is a very solid base hit for me, and cash flows better than anything I have been able to buy for the last 4 years.

What do you think?

I have a 3 family in the works. I’m hoping to end the year strong with my first rental property.

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I'm working on a 15 door deal in Memphis should be cash flow positive going into new year

I bought house number 3 in 2018,I have one of my investors that will I will   manage   ready to buy house number 3,  after Jan 1.

Closing on a 3 condo purchase this month.

I'm very new BP member & want to get started in RE investing and I really want to get my first property before this year end or in the beginning of 2018..need all the guidance I could get. thanks 

Found a place I like here in Hoboken, NJ and hopefully putting in a bid soon! Hope all of you are crushing it out there too!

Got a slam dunk of a deal in my Pipeline. I usually wholesale but this deal is too sweet to pass up. A nice brrrr to take my business to a different level.

I'm a newbie and need help. I am trying to Wholesale a property and when I asked the seller about signing a purchase agreement he said just tel me which Title company to meet you. I do have a potential buyer but I don't have a contract yet!!!

I'm nervous but super excited...I've already submitted 19 in the last 6 weeks, and 13 have been rejected...which is ok...because most of them were 50% off the MLS price....but it got me into activity mode and I'm now getting better analyzing properties and the fear of making an offer no longer exists.

So for me I think I passed the initial stage of "fear" and now I feel I'm moving myself into the group of "serious, real estate investor." I have analyzed at least 20 different properties this week alone and I think it is only a matter of time because while I'm not finding a deal with a large enough spread for both me a wholesaler (and all I'm seeking is $3k-$5k, i'm not trying to get rich off wholesale deals) and my potential buyers/investors--I'm noticing trends and I'm getting a good grasp of the market in certain areas close to me that I'm interested in investing in....

I'm determined to get my first wholesale deal done before the end of the year but my goal is 3 wholesale deals.

I am open to learning from any and everyone and I hope to one day give back to the BP community as it has been so valuable to me....since I signed up for Pro two days ago.

I can't wait for the webinar.....Let's end the year strong.

Originally posted by @Adrienne Scott :

I'm a newbie and need help. I am trying to Wholesale a property and when I asked the seller about signing a purchase agreement he said just tel me which Title company to meet you. I do have a potential buyer but I don't have a contract yet!!!

 OMG you are so close....you can do it...just get the property under contract!!! 

Closing this Friday on a property I'll be flipping! Keep it up everyone! What better goal than to push ourselves toward greater financial freedom and leaving a powerful legacy??

In a multi-stage process now, with closing for stage 1 on Friday. This will allow us to have stage 2 (our second SFR) up for lease on Monday. Hopefully more in the next couple years.

Just signed a contract yesterday on my first property!  A big “THANKS” to BiggerPockets and Brandon Turner for pushing me and helping me face my fears. 

Got mine for Brandon's 90 day challenge. Closing right after Thanksgiving. 

I think that webinar gave me a huge kick in the rear... Im now a Pro because of it and starting to find deals and got a possible offer to submit on a property thats listed here in the BP Marketplace...

I just bought mine today!

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