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The BiggerPockets Money Podcast forum is the place to further discuss individual podcast episodes, ask questions of the guests and share your ideas about the show.
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Ep 6: Paying Off MASSIVE Debt On A $30k Salary with Sarah Wilson
Kimberly Jackson Last post by Kimberly Jackson, 3 days ago
Kimberly Jackson Kimberly Jackson 28 3 days Jump to last post
Ep 1: The Surprising Truth Behind Success with Mr. Money Mustache
Andrew Erickson Last post by Andrew Erickson, 8 days ago
Andrew Erickson Andrew Erickson 2 8 days Jump to last post
Ep 5: Jumpstart Your Early FI Plans with Live-In Flipping
Alicia Walter Last post by Alicia Walter, 13 days ago
Alicia Walter Alicia Walter 1 13 days Jump to last post
Ep 4: Eliminating $30,000 in Debt with Rosemarie Groner
Dennis O. Last post by Dennis O., 13 days ago
Dennis O. Dennis O. 3 13 days Jump to last post
Ep 3: Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half with Erin Chase
Mindy Jensen Last post by Mindy Jensen, 15 days ago
Mindy Jensen Mindy Jensen 0 15 days Jump to last post
Ep 2: An All-Out Approach to Wealth Building with Scott Trench
Mike Shemp Last post by Mike Shemp, 15 days ago
Mike Shemp Mike Shemp 6 15 days Jump to last post