Real Estate Agent Referrals For WB

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Hi All,

I'm from down in Philadelphia and am interested in looking at a some properties that I have been eyeing in Wilkes-Barre. Am curious if anyone has real estate agents they could point me in the right direction towards.

Additionally, if anyone has any thoughts about investing in WB I would love to hear some opinions. I'm familiar with the city from going to school there a few years back. Think there are some good options for buy and hold close to the colleges. I'am aware of some of the rubs that come along with the area like needing a property manager if you live outside the city and flooding problems (I seem to remember evacuating the city at least once due to flooding) but not sure if there is anything else big I'm missing.

@Daniel Quinn Hey Daniel- I live and invest about 13 minutes outside of WB. I've got a great agent who understands the needs of investors V home buyers. Direct message me and i'll be happy to share her contact info with you. 

As for investing in WB, it can be tricky. You have a few universities and a small hospital, however that's about it. The neighborhoods vary fairly significantly from C+ / B- to a block over and it's a D with high crime. 

You'll find very inexpensive deals (under 25K) however the location and type of tenant drives those low prices.

Good luck.

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