Investment Info:

Single-family residence other investment in Villa Park.

Purchase price: $135,000
Cash invested: $50,000
Sale price: $293,000

Living flip working full time job
-full kitchen remodel
-replaced all plumbing
-new duct work with insulation
-relocate and redesign fireplace
-full 1st bath remodel
-add 2nd full luxury bath (double shower, bidet, radiant heat)
-convert sun room to 4th bedroom with radiant heat flooring
-replaced all windows
-upscale woodwork inside
-repaint whole house inside and outside
First 4 years forced equity and another 4 years market bring us another surprise with icing on the cake (market going up)

Did you work with any real estate professionals (agents, lenders, etc.) that you'd recommend to others?

Vickie C. Soupos REMAX