Investment Info:

Large multi-family (5+ units) buy & hold investment in Fayetteville.

Purchase price: $160,000
Cash invested: $20,000

6 door property I picked up that will be a future section 8 property. 2 doors currently under renovations. Putting 30k in work.

What made you interested in investing in this type of deal?

Numbers seemed right and was able to buy with hard money.

How did you find this deal and how did you negotiate it?

MLS and we offered 150 when asking was 180. Met at 160

How did you finance this deal?

Hard money

How did you add value to the deal?

Yes we are now fixing one duplex

What was the outcome?

Currently working it now

Lessons learned? Challenges?

Idk yet

Did you work with any real estate professionals (agents, lenders, etc.) that you'd recommend to others?

Yes agent