BP Business Episode 2: Your Business Shouldn't Make You Miserable

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Think about your typical work day. Which activities drain you? Which energize you? And which do you wish you were doing more of?

Asking these questions changed Trevor Mauch’s life for the better. In this episode, he guides us through an exercise that can help you do the same!

For Trevor, it all began after a scary wake-up call. It wasn't that his software company wasn't doing well. In fact, Carrot—which builds high-converting websites for real estate investors and agents—recently landed on Inc.'s list of fastest-growing companies. Trevor even had enough cash to buy the domain name Carrot.com for a jaw-dropping sum (you'll learn just how much).

Instead, the wake-up call was a near tragedy brought on by his hardcore “hustle and grind” mentality. At that moment, Trevor realized that working nights and weekends wasn’t sustainable. It also wasn’t helping the company, because that routine wasn’t allowing him to grow as a leader.

Today, Trevor reveals the system you can use to delegate tasks that drain your energy—even if you’re great at them! He also drops some great tips for how to rank higher in Google and how creating local “content with context” can help you beat out bigger, better-funded competitors. And he also reflects on how building a strong, clearly defined brand has helped attract some of his most valuable team members.

The result is an episode that’s part motivational speech, part marketing masterclass. So download, subscribe, and leave us a rating and review if you enjoy it!

@Mindy Jensen yeah and probably not make you stay up until 3 a.m..

Hey Monday I'm on a current campaign to listen to All of the podcasts and I am almost done not to mention all the books you guys have been recommending.

In your opinion at what point do you think he should have started to hire people to take some of the load off?

Originally posted by @Daniel Jewell :

In your opinion at what point do you think he should have started to hire people to take some of the load off?

Somewhere between working 10 hour days and working 18 hour days and falling asleep at the wheel. LOL!

Seriously, this is a hard question to answer and one most business owners struggle with. Over the years my company has grown and I've been forced to hire help. I'm no expert but I am constantly trying to evaluate how busy I am and watch for signs that I'm sacrificing too much personal time (family, religion, education, relaxation, etc).

There's nothing wrong with working long days for a shorter period of time. For example, Brandon mentioned spending six months slaving away at the computer to write a book. There's nothing wrong with that but it's clearly not sustainable for the long-term. I had a really busy winter and was working more and more from home, early in the morning or after the kids went to bed. Then it was April and I realized there was no end in sight and I wasn't catching up. That's when it's time to hire someone before it comes crashing down on me.

@Nathan G. So I have a few investor friends and they know that I'm trying to get in the business so they've been throwing some property management work my way.

when they give me a job that I know that is going to take me a long time I simply asked some of my friends or a guy standing in front of Lowe's at 6 a.m. and I pay them to do it.

then I just add that time onto the bill.

I hired somebody done.

it seems like you just need to recognized that you can't do all of it so you just ask somebody else to do it... AND you make more money..

am I missing something?

@Daniel Jewell hiring a guy standing in front of Lowes is great for a short-term construction job. Hiring someone to help manage 340 rentals in two different towns is not the same at all. It all depends on what you're hiring them to do. Likewise, Trevor Mauch wasn't hiring people to dig a ditch or wire a house. He needed full-time employees with specialized skills that are not as commonly found as the guy standing in front of Lowes.

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