Hello Business and Real Estate People, My wife and I own a couple businesses (Martial Arts School, Hair Salon, Rental Property, Flips, and we are actually selling a dog kennel currently.) We also plan on helping others start their own businesses and want to be able to own multiple other businesses. With all these things plus our own personal bills and accounts I am finding that I'm starting to lose clarity on what is actually happening with the finances of all these businesses. I use Quick book for the martial arts school but the other ones are all spread sheets. Most of these things have happened in the last year and so I think I got a little overwhelmed. I am really trying to focus on getting super clear with my finances and business structure so I know exactly what is going on and I can measure things much better. Right now each business is ran under its own LLC owned straight by my wife and I. So I'm wondering if I should re-organize the business structure to something else, and then how can I keep better track of bills and income so that I'm not worried about forgetting to pay a bill and to see if something is costing me more money than it is bringing in.

So I am asking for help finding tools or resources that can help me get everything in order and make certain they stay there. also I am wondering if maybe I should start a C-corp or something that would then own each of the LLC's and then that would pay us? so any thoughts on that stuff would be a great help. I am located in Missouri if that helps any.

Thank you for providing any information that can help!