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New investor, in contract for house hack, advise on brrr

Posted Aug 9 2022, 19:52

Hey bigger pockets members, my name is Micah and I am new to bigger pockets, I am in contract to purchase a duplex to house hack and save on expenses, what would be the best way to start the brrrr approach, I make about $50-60k at my day job and I am going back to school and will make around 80k when I am finished in about a year, I am only 19, those of you that have brrrred how did you go about saving money for your first project, should I just save in a savings account or are there better ways? I also have considered maxing out my 401k at work for a couple years and using a “loan” from that to help with the brrrr since it is tax free, let me know what you think and any ideas that would help me, thank you so much! glad to be here! also I could purchase a run down brrrr home here for about 40-60k if this helps.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

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