Business name vs personal name on mailers

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I’m about to launch my first marketing campaign in my small town and trying to decide if it’s more effective to use a business name to look as professional as possible versus just using my first and possibly last name to sound more casual and personable.

My fear with using a business name is that I don’t want to turn them off by thinking I’m a big company that’s going to lowball them.

What are your thoughts?

Do you know if there’s been any research on this topic?


@Daniel DeSurra If your business is a corporation/LLC, you must represent it as such or you risk losing the protection that those entities afford to you. That's just one of the ways an adversary can "pierce the corporate veil". See:

This doesn't apply if you're operating as a sole proprietorship.  With that business structure, you don't have any protection for your personal assets, except for whatever insurance you buy.

In either case, I don't think the non-REI public will assume you're going to lowball them, but a company name with a professionally designed logo should give you more credibility. You should also have a professionally designed website as that's the first place most people will go to check you out.