How do you choose where you invest?

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Hey everyone quick question. Wanted to see how everyone decides where they are going to invest. Close to home? Price?

Im looking into a few different Areas and looking to really narrow down my search area

@NIcholas Hamel I  invest close to home. You are going to get the best deals where you know and understand the market the best.

Investing from long distance increases you cost and risk. 

@ Nicholas Hamel I agree w/ @Ned Carey . Stay close to home for your 1st few! I made the mistake early on chasing returns in a cheaper market but part of my returns came from returning home late @ night taking care of those unexpected occurrences. 

@Terrell Hill . Thanks terrel. I will definitly stay within my county or one county over. Im just trying to figure out which towns within to target first. Maybe towns with best school districts, towns with good public transportation etc

I would go where I feel the best deals are. That takes learning your market. Learning your market takes visiting and evaluating LOTS of deals.