Help please: BRRRR Cash out Refi to Repeat Vrs Rate & Refinance.

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Successful year of flipping in Utah with a lot of success. I flipped one last month and decided to BRRRR.

First Brrrr, plan to do a lot more, but need your help. 

I got 90% LTC hard money and flipped the home real fast for real cheap. Problem was refinancing with a buddy of mine at wells fargo couldnt even dream of a cash out refi without holding it for 6 months (even then it would only cash out 80% LTV)

I have almost 35k out of pocket in the property plus about 15k forced equity profit locked up in this BRRRR and it seems like I can be more creative. (Utah is a hotter market but It can still be done closer to 15-20k out of pocket)

1st change is try to get better lending like 100% financing.

what else should I be thinking about? (FYI purchase was 185k rehab about 12 and arv about 240 hard money about 10k) The home is refied at 75 LTV now. Thanks in advance

-Adam York

@Adam York Sounds like you are killing it in the flipping world, congrats! I think going the BRRRR method is a smart move. You should listen to the BP podcast #233 with Arianne Lemir. She talks about something called delayed finance exemption. It was something she did with the title company that made it possible for her to refinance her money much faster than the 6 months that most banks require.

Nice job man! The 6 month holding period is pretty common. Hell my bank told me 12 months for my primary residence. I was a little mad but it's not a BRRRR. Delayed Financing is option but you're limited to the purchase price. What will the cash-flow look like?