1st deal has found foundation issues upon inspection

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My potential 1st deal upon inspection discovered it had foundation issues, seller is selling as is.. is this a deal breaker or an opportunity for a good deal? Or too risky?

Any suggestions would be great from those with experience.

@Wesley Van Steenbergen

What’s your experience dealing with these issues? Who found them, an actual foundation guy or the general inspector? Get an estimate for repair and work it into the offer. If you have zero or limited experience with it and don’t have a reliable foundation co to handle it, double the estimate.

I live in north Texas where foundation movement and repair is abundant. Most foundations can be repaired with little to no issue down the line. Get an engineer to view the property and provide a plan of action. Their opinions are usually unbiased so I trust them the most. I have a few foundation repair companies that I trust due to the amount of work they have done for me. The main side effect of foundation repair is potential plumbing damage. But like Kris said, get an estimate and factor that into your offer. And always allow for extras since it could cause additional damage during the lift.