Hi everyone!

Afgrr completing two successful BRRRR I want to expand into other markets and trying to figure out what I need yo have in place in terms of team members.

Tge way I see it there are three major parts - finding a deal, doing the repairs, then managing it. 

To be more specific, my questions are:

1. I am in touch with agents and wholesalers to locate deals, but who should I look for for go/no go? Someone who I can show the deal to and hear an opinion and a bottom line. Is this a property manager? Contractor?

2.  Does it make sense to do the repairs through your management company? On one hand it's easier to deal with one contact, but I assume they tend to be pricier compared with individual contractors 

3. Who is your go to contact for each step of the way in out of state BRRRR?