Ideal BRRRR Markets in Maryland

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Hey everyone! So, I am looking to start my first BRRRR project here in the next few months and was wondering if you guys had any insight on what the best places to start looking for deals in Maryland would be. Also, being that it's my first project I definitely would love to get any referrals for contractors, realtors and property managers that anyone may have! Thanks!!

@Justin Brooks I see you have a good recommendation already but just in case Bigger Pockets has some great state forums and usually there are good locals that monitor those. Also, try some local real estate meetup groups. is a good resource for those but some of the groups will also post here on Bigger Pockets Marketplace too. Even facebook might have some good local groups for you. But post locally for this. That’s the best bet.

DC, PG County and Baltimore are where BRRRR is possible. Wont be able to get all your money back out under current market conditions.

Consider looking at Cecil & Harford counties as well.  We've been able to get all our capital out and have great cash flow there as well. Particularly if you're closer to I95 as that makes the commute to work easy for most tenants. Rent to capital ratios have been great.

Check out Southeast Baltimore County as well - great rent:ARV ratios and plenty of distressed property to pick up cheap. I'm thinking specifically of Dundalk, Essex, and Middle River. Good luck!